30 August 2017

do the next thing.

nights remain short .. sometimes.
other nights deliver sleep through to
the amazing time of 5:23am. such was
the case this morning. blessed rest. 

strong liquid life filtered into a newish
favored cup {couture}, embraced by
willing hands, sipped in the path of
morning breeze. an excellent beginning
to my anticipated busy day. 

now showered and hair washed
dressed and shoes on
{white linen pants, gray tank,
gray light sweater .. pearl earrings},
breakfast nearly complete 
{yogurt & fruit}, 
i'll soon roll these heavy locks 
under my ball cap, grab evelyn's
necklace {leash}, and follow her
lead on a good stroll.
who's walking who?

there are days ..
or moments of days ..
i'm unsure how to proceed
as my surroundings
or situations are sometimes
it is those times i remember the
words of Elisabeth Elliot ..

whatever be in front of you .. do that.
and remember that where  you are
presently .. is holy ground. you may
not understand the why or how, but 
know that our Lord has  you there for
a greater purpose .. seek Him in that.
in all things. allow Him to embrace
and settle  you in the protective span
of His wings. allow Him to speak to 
your heart of hearts .. & in quiet repose...
listen. be in the Word .. lean in.

" ... that this is my life; this is my story, and each chapter is certainly not easy, and yet if i will just continue to press through the obstacles, continue surrendering to the journey ..."
                                          ~ Jolina Petersheim

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."     ~Philippians 3:12

if you'd like me to pray specifically please feel free to email me at andwearpearls at gmail dot com. your request will be held close to my heart and shared heavenward that which concerns.

with love,

22 August 2017

what to wear.

and sometimes your morning cup 
of liquid life offers up 
a eureka! moment of wisdom ... 
... and necessity.

"because life is too short to 
drink from an ugly cup.."

17 August 2017


monday through friday :

three days a week i visit my father at *sherwood forest*
{my new pet name for where he lives} .. 
he's softened in his advancing years - more quiet - 
but boasts of his winnings at the afternoon bingo games,
holding his tickets - proof of winning - in his big fist,
depositing them into the top drawer of his
night stand. crumpled.
once a month he can scrounge up those
winning tickets and trade them in for prizes
brought in by the red cross volunteers. 
think carnival for the aged.
bingo is life. in his world. 
yesterday afternoon during bingo time,
two of the staff wheeled dad away from his
bingo table ... to check his eyes {he can't see very well}.
what were they thinking?! you don't interrupt
bingo time. once they realized their grave error
{i'm certain  he helped them realize...ahem}
they wheeled him right back to his bingo table
where he proceeded to win 5 games in a row.
he called me later that afternoon,
informing me he's calling on his cell
phone {{such a novelty!}} to tattle on the
staff for squirreling in on his bingo time,
but also that he won 5 games straight. 
he is a *character*!

tomorrow i'll talk with the staff, apologize on
behalf of my stubborn father who is thoroughly
enjoying {understatement of the year} bingo.
after being alone for 7 years with the television
as his companion .. bingo is big. BIG.
then i'll suggest (strongly encourage) they do the
eye check mid morning so as not to weasel in 
on his precious card & chip time. wink.

my entire day isn't spent at the forest 
but once travel time is added to the equation,
not to mention prepping for my visit :: laundry & goodies etc,
it adds up. it's a freeway route and only takes about 20 
minutes or so if the traffic is light and other drivers are
considerate. still though.. half the day is spent. 

once home i give the pooch big time lovies,
a treat, then her afternoon meal .. and then?
i usually brew a cup of strong coffee and sit in
my comfy chair savoring the quiet .. with the pooch
beside me .. always beside me. 

two days a week are spent largely on the home front. 
tending house : cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking,
baking, time with the pooch, time with my hubby
when he arrives home from his place of employ.  
dinner and clean up, evening projects, or simply 
relaxing in front of the television watching our
current favorite BBC mystery which boasts
130 episodes: Father Brown. we don't watch all
the episodes .. once we realize that a particular story line
is less than quality in nature (ahem...it is bbc after all)
then we click to the next episode in hopes it'll be a 
bit better. know what i mean?

by friday evening i find that my week has been full.
the hubs visits dad with me once on the weekend ..
lately Sunday with pizza in tow.
i'm finding a rhythm to my days .. little by little.  

today i stayed home and have been busy with tending
things that have otherwise been put aside. we have
another house guest arriving tomorrow by 5pm so i'm
in need of completing necessary tasks by morning
to be ready for that arrival. 

this morning the sunshine poured in through the kitchen window, as i read and had a second cup of coffee. evelyn took time out for a nap.. next to me but on the floor. the sun warmed her furry belly.

and her little toes curled in what i like to think is contentment.
and i notice she needs a pedicure.

and then she went inverted. happy dog is she ..

 yesterday the hubs went out for a business lunch so wasn't terribly hungry for dinner.. he had a smoothie later. my dinner was a salad well tossed. arugula, scallions, mediterrean feta, tomatoes, cucumber, grilled chicken strips, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

this morning while evelyn lounged, 
banana nut muffins were baking. mMmm. 

it's the recipe i've used since before the hubs and i were *a thing.* i don't think i've ever shared this recipe .. least i don't think i've shared the recipe with anyone. it's what i used to make him fall in love with me. that, and eggs benedict at 3:30am. true love.

i admit to eating one  two.

until next time ..