10 December 2017

fresh greens..etc.

the hubs trimmed a few of our redwood trees.
and i snuck a few from the compost bin ..
to add a little festive touch to the
cute little cabinet.

then i placed a few of my very vintage
silver and gold ornaments
on the bed of green.

an extra touch for the season.

the hubs took a few vacation days .. 
and we're enjoying a 
'stay-cation' here at home.
projects, walks with the pooch, coffee,
a visit to walmart on a saturday 
because we're nuts, snuggled on the
love seat while watching season 2 of
The Crown
on netflix, visiting dad at sherwood forest,
 downsizing my rather ample scarf collection,
praying for our beloved daughter,
missing her ... loving her ...
always & without condition,
and being reminded in a rather 
beautiful way that the One Who loves
her best is there with her ..
wherever she is ..

this season is filled with joy bittersweet ..
thankful for a loving Lord who sees
well to the condition of our hearts,
and for those who keep us in prayer.
please know that we're praying
for you as well .. as the Lord leads. 

forever faithful .. is He.
blessed be His Name


04 December 2017


"O Come Let Us Adore Him"
by Kristin Schmucker & Cara Cobble Trantham

.. from the forward ..

"Sometimes my heart gets weary. Sometimes I just don't understand His plan. So this year, Advent is going to be a reminder that He always keeps His promises. A reminder that He is working, even when we can't see it. A reminder that when our hearts are weary, we have a refuge. Advent is about anticipation; it is about hope fulfilled and promises kept. There is no greater promise than Jesus. He has come to this weary world, and He will come to us. We rejoice in every promise kept, and we rejoice in Jesus who has come to save us."

the hubs and i are reading through this advent book .. 
we're a few days late to begin so this evening will read the 1st four 'chapters' and delve into the shared scriptures for each focus. are you doing an advent study? 
or a different Christmas study?

"This God - his way is perfect;
the word of the Lord proves true;
he is a shield for all those who 
take refuge in him."
Psalm 18.30

currently listening :::

01 December 2017

Christmas done simple. and Salmon.

seems that each year our Christmas decor finds a simpler
& less {time} consuming effort ... it's working well for us.
and with that increasingly simple task 
we find we're actually preferring and basking 
in the real meaning for the season ...
which is Jesus

we have one storage bin of Christmas decor.
yes, you read right. ONE. 
the storage bin is a bit on the larger
size and i'm seriously considering
downsizing even the small amount
of decor we own. it's a personal decision,
not one that you may prefer ..
but that's what makes each of
us individual and unique.
i love twinkle lights
and scads of color
and finery ..
just not in my 
own home.
at this time..

that said, next year may
be entirely different.

but this year?
and next year,
as far as we know?
even simpler.
but again,
that may change.

i'll keep you guessing.

one thing we did do just tonight is
add a snow lights projector thingymabob
outside, raised upward into one of our
large redwoods. it's a soft white snow 
effect and looks so pretty. subtle .. 
the neighbors have one too, shining
on our front redwood, and they're using
multi-color option rather than white. 
oohhh aahhh


today i took an hour and shopped .. at homegoods.
love that place. but it can definitely be dangerous
so limitations need be set.
i found a few things, one of which
being Christmas cards for 2018. 
when you see what you love
you just have to strike
when the iron's hot!
so i struck.
and i'm 
i struck.

and now, the oven's ready
for our sheet pan supper ::
salmon, broccolini, cremini shrooms
with fresh ground pepper, kosher salt,
african smoke seasoning, and olive oil.
400 degrees .. 'bout 20 minutes.


{ it was delish. }