19 June 2018

good {healthy} groceries.

we eat a mess of greens in this household..
usually i chop & assemble
varied ingredients in a bowl. this time
the only thing IN the bowl was greens.
everything else remained on the board
for individual preferred salads.
makes for a pretty table..

i picked up a small ciabatta roll .. 
sliced & served on its own cutting board

add just a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette 


::personal preference::
i remove stems from the greens.
it takes additional time in the prep
but the end result pleases.
do you remove stems from greens?

11 June 2018

wisdom from the fairy grocery queen.

while at trader joe's checking off items on my grocery list and organizing said items in my cart just so, a woman to my right asked if i'd ever tried the prepared chicken salad. 

i had tried the one she showed me and without blinking i took it from her, put it back on the shelf, and handed her the chicken salad i like better and i'm sure she will too...and said as much. 

i think i said, 
"you'll love it and will want to thank me later." 

then, i once again saw her perusing the chips, popcorn, and crackers aisle. i grabbed a bag of carmel corn, dropped it in her basket and said, "you'll love it and will want to thank me later. pinky promise." 

what a plucky thing for me to have done!
but you know what?
i'll bet she'll want to thank me later

the fairy grocery queen

10 May 2018


 "Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it." Genesis 28:16

& in this place i'll pause ..  
as quietude usually
offers rest & renewal,
answers & solutions,
this blog
in which direction
it should go ..

~   *   ~

as to my lost waco post, i attempted to edit the post and instead it went poof*. rather than recreate what was, just know a lovely time was had with my sister, and i'd love to experience a waco return. more later.. perhaps.