20 April 2018


every day is the same ..
in that i fill the sink with hot water and suds,
wash - rinse - dry - put away
dishes used throughout the day
from early morning until evening.
ho-hum to some.
and yet?

with my eyes drawn upward,
there's beauty surrounding 
the commonplace.

in what ways are you finding beauty...?

18 April 2018

60. ♥

my husband is much older than me.
6 days to be exact. wink.
for his very recent birthday dinner
he requested simple, straightforward, satisfying.
so ribeyes were seasoned and grilled,
salad prepped, and dessert simple.
all that he wished for dinner
was set before him.
{and it was good}

i love him and am so blessed
to be his wife. such a good good man.


arugula and super greens with bacon, 
carrots, egg, tomatoes, orange cranberries, 
and pistachios ... french vinaigrette drizzle.


ribeyes received dry rub then a sprinkling
of salt while on the grill. once removed
i put a teaspoon of whipped butter
on top to melt over. yUm.
the steaks were tender
and velvety.

he wanted strawberries with whipped cream
for dessert. he's watching his sugar intake, 
as am i, so an aerosol can of 
sugar free whippyCream
was in order. 
pretty, too.

till next time,

leftover strawberries went atop
his panniecakes this morning.

11 April 2018


time has a way of taking forever
for things .. or pie .. to be able
to pick and bake and eat.

peaches, for instance.
you see the blooms in march
and the wait begins
to see fruit.

you ooh and aah
and keep a keen eye
on the fruit growth 
and if any pests
are making 
if they
are they're

then the day far off is here
come august
and you can roll dough
and fill it with wonderfulness
fresh picked from the tree
steps from the kitchen.

 but that day is not here
as we're barely making april
a reality much less august.
patience dear.

i need pie.
{need being the operative 
yet highly debatable word}