18 October 2017

autumn home.. simply done.

autumn nearly came and went before i got around
to asking the hubs to retrieve our little bin of
autumn splendor. one little bin. one. yes, one.
you read that right. last year i downsized
the autumn decor down to one small bin
and i'm glad to have done so. 
in light of downsizing
this is an easy process to put up 
and take off once the season begins/ends. 
simply done.

welcome to our living room..

i'm allergic to roses ..
i ♥ the scent but the aroma and whatever else
the blossom puts off sends me to orbit with puffy
eyes and reaching for my inhaler. so, i don't do roses
inside the house unless they're the
non-smelly variety which is rare. 
but roses on fabric or wood pieces?


for now the gallery wall remains. i have ideas though and look forward to simplifying the wall space, making it more streamlined .......... though i admit to loving each and every picture. we'll see how that progresses. 

we gifted our big sage green sofa to our niece and her hubby .. they live north of the 'lost coast' so came to visit a couple days and left with the sofa all neatly wrapped in plastic for the 5 hour ride home. glad it went to family. they've become owners of some other things as well .. heirlooms from the hubs side of the family. 

that ottoman is actually our old breakfast table. we shortened the legs, then painted them using Miss Mustard Seed's Curio Milk Paint. fabric glue, muslin, stapler, foam, gorgeous decorator fabric (this one is Waverly) .. and you have a large ottoman that can be used to elevate tired legs as well as extra seating for larger crowds. win win.

in place of the big sage sofa we opted for a smaller piece and neutral in color. it sat a tich low so i ordered new feeties from amazon and we changed them out, adding 5" in sofa height. cuz when you're 5'2" you need the extra height. wink.

sometimes the walls photograph much more screaming yellow zonker than they actually are. they're not that yellow. really. pinky promise. 
i like yellow but not screaming yellow zonker yellow.

a few autumn'y books grace the little dresser that sits between our two comfy chairs. the dresser houses my extra books, magazines, and general junque .. 

on the other wall is a pretty and petite sideboard. simple simon touches..

need to put some junque in the bird house.
like .. a bird. or sumpin. 

and that's it, folks. 
simple simon.
easy peasy.
happy autumn prettiness.

and yet..
studying the pictures above makes me want
to get rid of SO much, scaling back to a
minimalist living situation. 
makes me nervous, all that pattern
and things .. just .. things!
stay tuned. 
that may very well happen.
the minimalist thing.

pinky bump,

10 October 2017

there's a pulse... pinky promise.

it's not like i don't want to blog
or have nothing to say ..
i just don't know how to say it at present.
and i don't want to elaborate on a public forum.
and ..
it's just that i'm keeping a semi quiet existence,
sorta kinda -
dealing with some personal things,
hosting guests at the pearl b&b
or so it has seemingly become,
cooking, planning a vintage trailer gathering,
baking, occasionally not making wise choices
for myself in the food department but doing my
best to correct that series of unfortunate events
resultant from stress,
loving on my precious pooch, 
loving on my wonderful husband,
not necessarily in that order..
changing up my home furnishings
just a tich, 
continuing plans for the hub's retirement
for a date we're unsure of at this point
but we're focusing on preparing rather
than scrambling - know what i mean? ,
keeping an eye on horrific weather patterns
in our nation - and our world,
keeping an eye on horrific fires north of us,
keeping an eye on the terrible in las vegas,
sometimes longing to run away
which i've considered more as an adult
than when i was a child,
but wanting to take my hubs and pooch along
for the ride cuz they're my favorites...
but the hubs needs to ride shotgun
cuz i want to do the driving. wink.
that's not all .. but it's a vague assessment.
here's some pictures..........
camper new to us, 
dad's 88th, 
living room simplicity.
you're welcome.

egg over czech potato pancake

living room simplified.
changing things up is in progress.
more on that subject later.


my father on his 88th

he just couldn't wait ..
demanded a bite of his
coconut cake .. made him a lil one
all his very own.
it was his birthday, so...
amish recipe..
will share the recipe later.

the 1st batch was sorry.
the 2nd batch divine..

roasted veggies for soup. 

chicken soup
(not with the roasted veggies shown above)

pineapple pie ..

platter of fresh and grilled wonderfulness..

for salad.

large italian bell peppers..
the scorching heat made them happy.

then i roasted them (see picture high up)

salad yUm. {mine}

salad yUm. {hubs}

salad yUm. more..

from the ground up restoration
of a new to us boles aero (55).
what have we taken on *this* time..?!

the outside is shiny and all purty-like.
the inside? down to the aluminum frame.
oh boy. this is a doozie.
there's a purpose in this 'new' camper.
really. pinky promise. 
stay tuned in for more.

hoping your days are filled with wonder ..
and if they aren't, that you could seek the One
who can offer His peace, His protection,
His leading by quiet waters .. all while in His safe embrace.

with love,

30 August 2017

do the next thing.

nights remain short .. sometimes.
other nights deliver sleep through to
the amazing time of 5:23am. such was
the case this morning. blessed rest. 

strong liquid life filtered into a newish
favored cup {couture}, embraced by
willing hands, sipped in the path of
morning breeze. an excellent beginning
to my anticipated busy day. 

now showered and hair washed
dressed and shoes on
{white linen pants, gray tank,
gray light sweater .. pearl earrings},
breakfast nearly complete 
{yogurt & fruit}, 
i'll soon roll these heavy locks 
under my ball cap, grab evelyn's
necklace {leash}, and follow her
lead on a good stroll.
who's walking who?

there are days ..
or moments of days ..
i'm unsure how to proceed
as my surroundings
or situations are sometimes
it is those times i remember the
words of Elisabeth Elliot ..

whatever be in front of you .. do that.
and remember that where  you are
presently .. is holy ground. you may
not understand the why or how, but 
know that our Lord has  you there for
a greater purpose .. seek Him in that.
in all things. allow Him to embrace
and settle  you in the protective span
of His wings. allow Him to speak to 
your heart of hearts .. & in quiet repose...
listen. be in the Word .. lean in.

" ... that this is my life; this is my story, and each chapter is certainly not easy, and yet if i will just continue to press through the obstacles, continue surrendering to the journey ..."
                                          ~ Jolina Petersheim

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."     ~Philippians 3:12

if you'd like me to pray specifically please feel free to email me at andwearpearls at gmail dot com. your request will be held close to my heart and shared heavenward that which concerns.

with love,