26 October 2016

harvest moon boles gathering.

the annual gathering 
of the boles commences.
in a forest near the coast: 
a gaggle of boles
and their owners. 

back soon.

1955 boles aero mira mar

18 October 2016

the rain retreats & soup.

but the wet continues.
soggy ground
leaf mess
muddy paws

walks with the pooch w/o an umbrella
a nap
final market list for rally food
prepping veggies for soup
{purple & orange carrots,
celery, onion, kale, seasonings}


a good stir with left over roasted chicken
and some  homemade stock and in the crock pot it goes
keeping hot for dinner later.


wish you were here.

17 October 2016

proof of autumn, & a squirrel.

the rain fell most of the night ..
the morning provided little
doubt as to the wet stuff
and autumn.

just a bit of decor on the porch

and back inside ..


from the kitchen window i spied
"rocket-J-squirrel".. grabbing my
camera i clicked a pic and then
he split .. fast! isn't he darling?
i can't tell you how many close calls
there have been in which evelyn
chased and almost caught this
little furry critter.