17 February 2017

the old sage.

at one time in our bedroom, 
the old sage now rests comfortably
on the living room "gallery wall."
he's quite content there ..
with the lately rare morning sun
dappling in his space. 

15 February 2017

.. ♥ ..

valentine's day .. 
my sweet man brought flowers home .. for me. smile.

earlier in the day i picked some daffodils from the garden..
his gift made the arrangement complete and beautiful. 
here's our simple set table .. before the blossoms from my hubs.
as the nester says, 
"it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

early that morning i handed the hubs a tray of 50 cuppycakes
to take to work for the troops. he returned home with an empty tray..

while the rib eyes were being infused with 
a garlic & pepper marinade and waiting for the grill, 
i made a salad that went well with the carnivore explosion of flavor. 
alongside we enjoyed a smidgen of pugliese bread.

a bunch of extremely dark ruffly kale took center stage on my cutting board. after removing the woody stems i roughly massaged the green for about 10 seconds which tenders the plant and brings the beautiful flavor to the forefront. thin sliced red onion, pearl tomatoes halved, fat free feta, a bit of bacon cooked well, hard boiled egg,
and a few turns of the pepper mill.
we used barely a drizzle of Brianna's creamy balsamic vinaigrette .. 
you can visit the product source HERE

i don't have a picture of the rib eye steak worthy to share .. 
my apologies. we'll be revisiting the leftover steak tonight though
and adding roasted peppers and onions,
stuffing the mix into little corn tortillas. can't wait!

we enjoyed a couple squares each of a dark chocolate truffle bar
that was surprisingly delicious for only boasting 1gram of sugar!

then we put on a movie and snuggled into our comfy chairs,
whereby i promptly fell asleep & the pooch snored. 
the hubs remained awake.
exciting times in our home. yesiree.