18 August 2018


and sometimes a pretty peach bow is all you
need to make your day complete.

i bought new lippystick the same color.
so now evelyn and i are all matchy matchy.

16 August 2018

slow morning.

occasional mornings
call for slow living
and scrambled eggs
with scallion, pepper, & a tich of sour cream.

the dryer tumbles the last laundry load
of the day .. in about 20 minutes
i'll have 4 loads in all to fold, sort,
and put away. it's always a cause for
celebration {when it's done} so i'll treat
myself to a home-brewed iced latte
& at lunch a simple bowl of 
greens etc and a few crackers.

i moved a few things around in the living room
to suit my wednesday preferences .. it changes
without notice so the hubs never knows
what furniture will be where by the
time he returns from his place of employ.
i like to keep him guessing.
besides, watching him stop
in obvious confusion
and scratch his head
makes me giggle.

today? i need to {start the process} upholster a couple
chairs then list them for sale .. as i've decided
to move on. other changes are coming 
in the furniture realm as well
but i'll leave that for
another time.

until then,
carry on


12 August 2018

a bit of stock for the senses.

with bags in tow i wheeled the red cart into trader joe's where in front of the floral display i stopped and stared ..... at the most beautiful bouquets of stock. perfectly pinky peach and aromatic. well of course they weaseled their way, with a little help from yours truly, into my heart and basket. then i conducted my weekly routine of gathering groceries etc etc etc, placing them in my basket in an organized fashion because i'm strange that way. once home the hubs lugged the bags inside while i greeted little miss tappy toes (also known as the precious pooch) and took her outside for potty time then a drink then inside to help me put away groceries. she doesn't touch anything, she simply gazes longingly in hopes i'll cave and give her all the yUms. and sometimes i give in and keep her busy for 5 seconds by giving her a treat or 3 fit for pooches. hm. that's what i usually do.

back to the stock:
feast your eyes

.beautiful blooms.
.it's a good thing.