13 March 2014

a bit about me.

this isn't my introduction to blogging.
i've authored other blogs
for various seasons of life.
(coming up on 9 years total)

* lula's hardt
* lady jane's journal
* tickleberry farm
* {and wear} pearls

i'm thankful for the opportunity to share
bits and pieces of my life,
knowing that seasons alter 
those bits and pieces
and our own carefully shared
experiences can be of
help or encouragement to others.
i know i've been touched
by your blogs,
knowing full well God is
speaking through you
to the heart of the reader.

i've made friends in the blog world.
real, honest to goodness kindred
spirits who willingly walk alongside
and share in the journey,
one with the other.
we've prayed for one another,
cried together,
worried and lamented.
we've laughed together,
from deep in the belly,
joyed with one another
and with twinkling eyes
shared happiness in
precious situations.
how wonderful.
blogging is certainly
at times a community of
precious hearts.
i've even met a few,
face to face,
spending time and
days together.

i'm married to a man
who is so very wonderful
and so very human. 
we've grown closer the
past few years in very
tangible, necessary ways.
i'm thankful for God's
provision of a faithfully
devoted spouse.

we live in a smallish
home in a not so 
smallish city.
we have a dog
named evelyn
who is such a dear
and loving pooch.

we have a 
beloved daughter who
is almost 24 years old.
we haven't seen her since
march 17, 2012.
Rx induced depression issues 
then bad therapy 
in a residential setting 
that assured help
for life-challenging

as a result of bad therapy,
our daughter has rejected
us entirely after
alleging atrocities
that never happened.
other young
women from the same
program have done 
the same thing 
to their own parents,
some going on to
change their names,
be adopted
(as adults) by
families approved
by the program. 
it's an utterly vile and 
shattering thing. 
cult-like. truly.
the glossy pictures
of this program's website,
the promising words
drawing in the perspective
girls to the program
as well as drawing in
parents desperately
seeking help for their
Christ based .. 
or so they say.
all smoke and mirrors.
and destruction.
it is a nightmare.

the loss
of our only child has 
been tremendous,
varied emotions
coming in waves and
resulting at times in
severe isolation. 
if you have not
walked this path yourselves
{& i'm thankful you haven't!}
you have no clue as to the
depth of grief.
we love our daughter
without condition
and long for her return,
in right thinking
and walking in truth,
if it be God's will.

"and yet . . .
i will rejoice in the Lord. i will joy in the God of my salvation. the Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills."  {Hab 3:18-19}

with love,


  1. Very well-said. I'm sure it's been a long two years, but I'm glad to hear that all of this has strengthened the bond you have with each other.

  2. Beautifully said! You are blessed to have each other - and the Lord. And friends who love you. Praying for reconciliation and healing.

  3. Paul speaks in Corinthians about comforting others by the comfort we've been given. Those who walk through deep waters can help others walk through the same or similar deep waters.

    Thankful for your strengthened marriage and deepened relationship to Christ.

    Praying for you all without the words to say, but God knows.


  4. Your grace through this journey is an encouragement to me. I have come to love and respect you over these many years we have shared reciprocal blog reading times and comments. I continue to pray that your life story ends in restoration and much joy.

  5. I treasure my blogging friends (like you)....and you are absolutely right, we've laughed and cried, rejoiced and mourned together---as REAL friends do.

    As others have so eloquently stated, you have handled your trial and pain with such grace and faith, that has inspired me and many others.

    Love you friend...

  6. ...so beautifully stated...continuing to lift up prayers for you both. Christ is our rock, supplying us with living water, and thereby His strength, just as He was for the Israelites in the desert. I am certain He will greatly use your testimony as you have obediently opened the pages of your story to be read and grasped by others in similar or similarly difficult life situations. Love you!

  7. I'm reading Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands. I just finished chapters 7 & 8 this very morning. Author Paul David Tripp talks about how sharing our stories in a way that points to God's redemption and not our own heroic acts can help others to heal. his blog reminds me of that exactly. May the LORD continue to bless you and your faithful husband in your sharing of His grace and mercy in your lives. I pray for your daughter often as she comes to my mind- that one day, she'll repent of these false accusations, and come back to her earthly parents and her heavenly father.

  8. Sweet Jane, you are a blessing to so many. I know others will feel less alone as you share your story. You'll comfort with the same comfort God has gives you as you walk this road. I am praying for you and Clark.

    Love and prayers, Always,

  9. Thank you for sharing about your daughter, dear friend. Bless your sweet hearts. I am so sorry. Love and {{{Hugs}}} As Adrienne said, Praying for reconciliation

  10. I love your new blog, always enjoy your posts. You are so precious and beautiful, my friend.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story, my friend. I know very well the healing balm another's words can be, and you are brave to share yours. Praying for healing, restoration and peace for the three of you. (((Hugs)))

  12. a tender topic no one wants to discuss as the pain is great. I too, have been in a similar situation since 2000. I used to believe one day it would be resolved. I now doubt it ever will be and life does go on, however painfully. This also is my only child, a daughter and much loved. I have found no one who wants to discuss such unrelenting pain, so I swallow it and try to carry on. I look forward to your posts,and pray you have strength and comfort.

  13. oh my Lord.....i am praying for you.
    This is truly horrible what has happened. God give you strength.
    Sending my love,

  14. It's been 7 months since our daughter walked out of our lives. Today is extra sad for me as it is her birthday. I cannot count how many tears I have shed. I hope that someday this will be resolved, but something in my heart tells me to just carry on. My only comfort is knowing she has a wonderful fiancé. Thank you for telling your story on your blog as I know just reading it has helped me some.

  15. I have read your blog in the past, and"lost" you. I'm glad to find you again. Our son walked away from us five years ago ... different circumstances but same void and hurt. I am praying for your daughter, and for you and your husband. Miracles do happen. Take care and thanks for blogging.

  16. Dear Jane.....
    Bless your heart....this is truly a "nightmare" that no parent should ever have to experience. I pray that the Lord will close the doors of that facility before more harm is done to other patients and their families.
    May God comfort you and your husband and strengthen you during this battle. Remember that our God is MIGHTY to save!
    Zephaniah 3:17
    Ephesians 6:10-18
    Praying for you all.


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