23 March 2014

.my little trailer.

this saturday i showed my 
newest little trailer
The Red Door
Antique Market
Vintage Trailer Show
. . .
13 vintage trailers
5 mobile boutiques
43 additional vendors
3 food trucks
an awesome band
. . .
the days leading up
to the event became a 
flurry of activity.
i organized the
vintage trailer side
of the event
and by friday the
activity was ramped up.
saturday's show 
boasted 6,000 attendees.
the event was a complete success.
so thankful. 
. . .

i'm beyond exhausted,
thankful to have slept in,
and am resting today.



  1. Put your feet up and rest. I'd love to hear all about it sometime. Thinking of possibilities for trailer event in the future.

  2. So pretty, glad you had a great time. Rest up now.

  3. Do tell us about it when you are all rested up! It sounds like a great day!


  4. Your booth looked absolutely charming and the weather looked lovely too! Coordinating big events are a mixed bag of wonder, delight and shear exhaustion! It's a good day to sip some liquid life in a pretty mug and rest :).


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