17 March 2014

thinking .. wishing .. doing

been thinking on this:

wishing to visit this place
wherever it is .. 
found the image on pinterest
with no tracking to a location.

and doing this:
painted the chevron and wings
on my 67 cardinal lovebird.
next comes silver pin striping.

much to do this week.
am readying for the
1st annual antique flea market
& vintage trailer show.
{elk grove, california}
here's the scoop:


today marks two-years
since we last saw our daughter.
there's a few folks who are
experiencing very similar
circumstances to mine.
our daughters may have
attended the same program.
please email me.
your identity will remain anonymous.
andwearpearls at gmail dot com


  1. Praying for you much today, dear friend. Asking God to do something so special today you KNOW it's from Him! And loving the direction you're going, the look of your vintage trailer - and wishing I was close enough to drop in and chat and see it for myself.

  2. Darling friend,

    When the Lord brings you to mind (often) my heart and spirit are praying for you all. When I read posts that specifically remind me of what the enemy of our souls is trying to do, in destroying you all, my spirits cries out to God!

    Praying for God to restore the years stolen….

    Love you

  3. Jane, so happy to follow you on your new journey here. Wish I lived closer to your events. So expensive to fly and far to drive! I'd need a moving van to return home after shopping I'm sure. Seems I always locate those "gotta haves" out of town! I'm still waiting to meet you when you make a hometown visit!
    I am so sorry to hear that your daughter continues to stay away. I have no wisdom to offer that you don't already know. You're doing the right things, and having patience and faith are the hard things, but we do.
    Keeping up with you...

  4. Love your little cardinal lovebird...why she is in good shape for vintage ( a couple years younger than me ;)!

    That photo of the restaurant counter reminds me of a little place we ate at in Leesburg, VA. They had the most wonderful veggie burgers and sweet potato fries I have ever eaten.

    Keep leaning on the everlasting arms <3
    Much love


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