28 April 2014

. springtime jungle .

cottage in the backyard

come springtime you can find rocky and i sitting on the adirondack chairs on the porch of the little cottage behind our house, cup of coffee in hand, be it morning or after he returns home from work.

it's a guest cottage - with a bed, chairs, armoir, even air conditioning for those more sultry nights. the path to the cottage is pea-gravel and a few stepping stones and through a small archway and gate (built by my husband, using wood from our daughter's swing set). our view is of course the main house, but also an itty bitty redwood (7 mature redwoods in all) forest all our own. when we moved into this house 15 years ago April, we planted 23 trees of varied specie. most are now truly mature and offer excellent shade in summer, helping to reduce our electric bill. the bushes on each side of the gated arch will soon boast yellow flowers. i love how overgrown they are right now - a personal request from me to my gardener (rocky..the plant whisperer) to allow them time to be wild then bloom - - before he prunes. the branches almost touch in the middle.. i love that.


  1. This is such an idyllic scene; a true little piece of heaven. Wish I were a visitor in the tiny cottage.

  2. i'd love that tracy.
    come visit anytime. :)

  3. I love your little private space too. We don't have a place to hide AND we live on a corner. :D

  4. I love it too!

    So serene! I could be very at home there!


  5. Oh, that sounds beautiful. I'd love to be a guest there too. In my dreams :)

  6. Your own little secret garden <3


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