05 May 2014

. bodie .

a few weekends ago we took a little trip down 395 which borders the sierra mountains and boasts some of the most magnificent scenery in the united states. the sierra (singular, for it is one mountain range) runs the length of a good portion of california's eastern border. 

we stayed overnight at a quirky little motel in bridgeport, california and the next morning visited bodie - the ghost town. quite an interesting history. we were amazed to learn that the town had been inhabited even in the early 1970s! 

to understand the area's general location . . .
here's a pic of the sierra nevada's just south of where we were. that would be mammoth. gorgeousness. 

on the dirt road leading to bodie.
you can see some buildings in the distance..

here's a few pictures . . .

we didn't have but an hour or so to visit bodie before we  needed to 'get outta dodge' for an appointment north of bodie. we plan to return and take an entire day (and picnic lunch), 
exploring to our heart's content.

we headed home - and something 
was following us very closely. 
hm. the story continues . . .



  1. Seriously?!?!?! That's not fair. And then it strikes me. dare I guess? A new trailer?

  2. I think Tracy hit the nail on the head! ????

  3. Fun!

    Oh Mammoth! Glorious! I spent a week at Mammoth in the summer when I was in high school. I love the mountains!


  4. A gorgeous place! May I venture a guess about the 'thing' that followed you home?


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