06 May 2014

. an oatmeal kind of morning .

a dark cloud rolled in last night
while the Mr. and i were watching
Foyle's War on netflix.
a good soaking, much needed.
there's much talk in these parts
about drought. it's a very real
thing - not only for us in california
but for the rest of the united states
as well. higher meat, dairy, fruit,
and vegetable prices due to not
enough water which means not
enough hydrated food items. 
so .. the rain was welcome.

when the rain let up we took the pooch outside to do her thing before bed. still drizzling wet, the aroma was intoxicating. don't you love the scent of water from the heavens? it's one of our favorites.

this morning i was greeted by the treat of overcast sky. i know it won't last through the day but i'm relishing in its calm just now. reminds me of days spent on the coast .. the morning fog and patchy overcast skies later. utter perfection in my book.

with the pooch's head resting on my foot - a bowl of (instant) oatmeal and a cup of liquid life at my side, i bid you g'morning. may you seek and recognize special moments throughout your day .. 

in Him,

picture taken in cloverdale, california ..
february 2014 while glamping. 


  1. I love foggy mornings and the rain is always welcome - even in Oregon. Almost felt as if I was there with you.

  2. Beautiful words, friend…

    We love Foyle's War! So good.

    Love you

  3. Beautiful words, friend…

    We love Foyle's War! So good.

    Love you

  4. Oh! You like Foyle's War! I just discovered it thanks to a dear friend/roommate of mine several weeks ago. Sam is my kind of girl-- I empathize with her love of sandwiches and her fiercely loyal spirit. :) Good times!
    Glad for the rain-- there are many times when I miss desert showers. Here, it's not quite as special. ;)

  5. Beautiful photo! Rain is always welcome.

    We enjoy watching Foyle's War too. Good program.


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