04 June 2014

long drawn out glampy post.

i didn't mean to be away for this long .. i've been rather busy and blogging hasn't been on the tippy top list of things to do. obligatory blogging isn't my style (the idea that one *must* produce a post a day), as such i hope you'll understand and extend a bit of grace for my absence - not that you were on pins and needles waiting with expectant anticipation for a few words from jAne. no, surely not! 

in march i posted about a trailer i was working on, refurbishing it to new life and prettiness. once finished i realized with full certainty that the trailer needed to go to a new home - that it wasn't meant to be mine. you see, the trailer was transformed during such a difficult (albeit ongoing difficulty) time in our lives. the process of transformation paralleled a particular transformation in my own heart. i find it amazing how God uses things such as this to produce a deeper work, His work, to massage one's heart to life. i made the decision to release the trailer .. allowing the right person to adopt and enjoy her. a couple weeks before i made that decision the Lord impressed on my heart that the transformation process was a time of Grace - so i began referring to the trailer as Grace. those of us in the vintage trailer world name our babies. then again, i name appliances and personal effects as well: 
for example, my small crock pot is named Winnie. ahh but i digress...

when i put Grace up for sale i received immediate interest and multiple offers to buy her on the spot without first checking her out up close and in person. i'm picky about who buys trailers we've completed and knew this one was really special so needed to for sure go to the right person. i ruled out 2 people fairly quickly then began the 'vetting' process of a sweet gal from washington state (and her family). through conversation we realized we're both Christians, and have both experienced some deep transitional challenges in the past couple years or so. the one word that permeated our conversation? Grace. she didn't know the name of the trailer until i told her. kismet? serendipity? meant to be? yes to all three. an agreement was made, and a meeting place determined for 2 weeks out; Grace went to her new home. they've already taken Grace glamping, on their property and away from home. Grace giggles with gratitude, i'm sure. 

if you'd like to see pictures of
Grace the 1967 Cardinal Lovebird,
please click the link above 
then come back to read the
rest of the story. 

since that time, i found a trailer that is my birth year .. a 1958 Terry. she lived her life on a ranch in bishop, california .. her frame was in excellent shape - very solid, but sorely in need of conditioning and bringing her to rights. and so, i rescued her. the past month and a half i've worked hard to give her a face lift and a bit of plastic surgery so to speak. my husband and a dear friend (with his construction background) helped in a few specific ways. 

her name is Lula .. Lulabelle .. after my great grandmother who offered such a precious legacy of her long life. my great grandmother was known for her kindness, compassion, loving ways .. as well as for her prize winning roses and blackberry preserves. i long to honor her and the other women in my family whose gifts are inspiring and vast, partially resultant from great grandma's example. i learned that in some languages, Lula means pearl - and by that definition along with belle meaning beautiful, 
Lulabelle means beautiful pearl. 
and this makes my heart happy. 

while not 100% finished Lula had her maiden voyage last weekend at the International Glamping Weekend in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. i do believe she enjoyed herself - i know i did. a few pictures are below to document our time away, with 30 other women and their vintage trailers. 

her exterior is in process. having removed paint from her upper area, many tiny areas still need attention then wax and buffing, bringing her silver to a satin glow. i painted the lower section - that area awaits pin-striping and sealing. the moonies are original and have been brought back to a nice shine. my husband painted the wheels the same color as the body. love the look. 
and isn't her shape simply precious?!

had an awning made and ensured that clips were sewn in to hang a 'room.' until i have the $ to order the room panels, i'm using soft faded yellow toned linen curtains that once hung in my kitchen. the 'room' offered an element of further privacy as well as a sitting room. gotta have a sitting room when you glamp donchaknow... right now the look isn't finished by any stretch. in fact, it's a tad tacky. 

this was taken just as i began breaking down camp. the vintage ladder came in handy to put the awning and curtains up and down, as well as a dryer for damp towels post shower. i believe in cleanliness and showering while camping. call me weird, but dirt and i don't really get along and i don't believe camping should be an excuse to live for a time unbathed. the ice chest wasn't out there t/o the weekend. well, it was but it was disguised with a cloth and set inside the 'room.' 

hitched and ready to roll home. pretty girlie.

after cleaning then conditioning the wood, which was dry as a bone after 56 years in the high desert elements ... i conditioned it then began the process of sanding and shellacing using an amber tone. 3 applications of shellac and sanding brought her wood to life though some areas are forever damaged by neglect. i have to remind myself that she, like me, is 56 years old. and she, like me, has flaws. 

we recovered her dinette seats with black vinyl and i made curtains using vintage floral fabric and pom poms. the light is original though we searched and found the plastic surround at a local vintage trailer supply place - one for the dinette and one for the kitchen.

originally the bedroom area had what is known as a gaucho couch along the back wall. gaucho couches can be made into a bed but we removed that, opting instead for a permanent bed (12 inch memory foam). i found the chenille bedspread at a thrift store for $2.99. it's perfect. found the pillow at homegoods. the rolled up bunk is another bed if needed - i choose to leave it rolled up and in place. it's in excellent condition and boasts a happy orange pop of color.

while glamping a few other ladies and myself hit some yard sales and thrift stores. i found this darling coffee cup that goes perfectly with Lula's interior colors. coffee always tastes better from a pretty cup, as we well know my motto: **never drink from an ugly cup**

the kitchen counter was horribly horrible horriblest. 
that, and the table top .. received new laminate.

my little sitting room outside the trailer. decorating magazines, comfy chairs, a nice (fake) plant, fan, battery operated candles for evening glow, and a pretty cloth over the ice chest (left side). 

Lula's got a cute trailie-rear, don't you agree? 
she's adorable. and mine. and i love her.

here's a few pictures i took of a few other trailers 
(of the 31 total) over the weekend...

deb's aloha trailer named annie oakley ..

faye's shasta compact .. 

jennie's kenskill with the beautiful patina ..

marilyn's cardinal deluxe 
with a gypsy lady hand-painted on the side ..

nancy's kenskill. this is my God-trailer since i found it for nancy and her husband. thankful i get visitation rights. smile.

each year someone's trailer gets tp'd. this year nancy 
(assistant organizer of our group) got it. 

i had no part in this year's tp soire'. 
i merely took pictures the morning after. 
but i do know who for sure 
was the ring leader. 
tsk tsk. 

the other recipient of a pretty tp job was julia, our group organizer. over the weekend julia experienced a heart attack. seriously. while in the hospital she desired we go on with our festivities as if she were there, and asked for pictures to be put on facebook. those of us who are like-minded, of course prayed for julia!!! as a collective group, we kept her in our thoughts and close to our hearts, and went on with the weekend - dutifully uploading pictures. julia, a very fit and otherwise healthy woman, had surgery right away - two stints later she is home and recuperating. this experience gave pause to many of us in very personal ways. please keep her in prayer - she's a rare and precious jewel of a lady. and so very loved. we couldn't (well, not me mind you...ahem...really - not me. again, i simply document what i see.) let the weekend pass w/o tp'ing her trailer. it's a compliment *&* and complement to her cute shasta girlie trailie. donchathink?

and . .

with all the effort and time getting Lula to her present state of completion, my house is a wreck. that, dear ones, in my present focus. well, that and getting ready for the next glamp getaway - which the hubs and i will take part, in cordelia the big girlie trailer. 



  1. I remembered your Grandmother's name was Lula! This is a sweet trailer! I think it would be fun to have one! Not sure my husband would agree to glamping, but I'd love it!

    Brings back memories of my childhood! Oh, and we always showered or bathed when camping. Even back when I was very young, and we tent camped, my mom always washed us from head to toe before we got our jammies on!

    Thanks for sharing your fun!


  2. Love this!!!! Thanks for sharin all this delight and fun with us :-).

  3. I just love how you personalize everything. :) You are so cute. I loved your post and all the pictures. Praying for your friend.

  4. Lula is a tribute to your dear grandmother! And you are, too, my dear friend. I loved seeing your glamping photos and seeing more of Lula. Can't wait to meet her in person someday.


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