10 June 2014

. lost coast .

. * .

the 'lost coast' of california ..
the hub traveled 5 hours one way
via highway and bi-way,
the bi-way being amazingly
filled with hair pin curves,
only to be greeted with this site
upon arrival.
meadows, cliffs,
coastal cypress,
elk herds,
bear (oh my!),
and only
a scant few other folks
in the area.

see the dots?
elk ..

the temps were cool .. in the 50s.
faaaaarr cry from our valley temps
most recently of 108 and 104
in the past couple days.

his trip to the lost coast
was in preparation for a trip
we'll take together ..
and with his brother (and his wife).
both of us couples will camp.
in our teardrops.
theirs is new.
ours? vintage. of course.

ours is a 50s benroy style homebuilt
that the hub rebuilt from the ground up,
modifying it for off road adventures.
the outside looks rather modern.
the inside and kitchen?
definitely campy in the 50s era.

the teardrop's name?
* dixie *

here's more pictures.

my husband would want you to know that the teardrop has the exact same luggage rack on top of it that his Jeep boasts on its own roof. i appreciate that fact as well.

and it has gargantuan tires/wheels. 
i need a ladder to get inside.
i'm not joking.
a short ladder .. but still.

oh, and that's the hub on the right.
wave hello!

we painted the interior a fresh coat of cream
then did a 'wash' using my favorite glaze:
ralph lauren tobacco

the hub is an aviation guy ..
from his days as a naval officer.
that interest continues.

it's campy and cozy inside,
lending the aromatic scent of cedar
thanks to the planks of that wood
on the interior shelf,
both of us fit.
just fine.

the kitchen is actually well appointed
for simple needs off-road.
the vintage water jug 
has a matching ice chest not in pic.
the vintage camp stove is stored
underneath that raised wood portion.
everything in this kitchen is vintage,
right down to the utensils and plates,
mugs, and linens.
the camp pots and pans are from
the hub's family back in the 50s.
i love that.

it has a comfy full sized bed
and 2 doors for quick exit.

looking SO forward to our time at the lost coast.
should happen in the autumn ... which will be perfect.

yes, this is in the teardrop.
i picked it out and told him
where to nail it inside.
need more be said?
i think not.



  1. Aw, I loved that. So glad you two are going on a nice trip.

  2. Loved seeing your sweet teardrop - and saying hello to your dear one's feet!

  3. Loved seeing your sweet teardrop - and saying hello to your dear one's feet!

  4. I love reading about your adventures!

  5. Too cute! And yes, the coordination of the luggage rack is a win ;)

  6. This is such a sweet little camper!

  7. jAne, *dixie* is a doll!!!
    This post made me smile really big. You'll have a wonderful time with family and *dixie*.
    She's so cute and you have her put together really neat.
    You'll be be whistling dixie for sure.

  8. The teardrop is darling! Ah, the coast...sniff...I miss it and elk too! The blessings of God are upon you.


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