12 July 2014

she sports stripes.

the exterior is near complete
and the inside needs very little
to finish this darling trailer.

my hubs added the pin stripes on the side and a chevron design in the front. he has a steady hand and is quite skilled at this thing. thankful he took this task on. he's swell.

side view .. she's cute.

the hitch shaft is original and perfectly rusted. i clear coated it to protect what i believe to be beauty and a gracious showing of age. i used ASCP duck egg blue on the remainder of the tongue - it was almost electric blue (prior owner didn't do so well on the color matching and he should have left it the same as the hitch shaft. sigh..). the duck egg tone matches fairly well - 
certainly better than electric blue!

in other news :::

it's hot here.
more when i can think of something interesting to share
which is not now .. i'm having a serious case of writer's block.
are there things you'd like to know?
want to hear about?
i'm all ears.
perhaps i can put together a few paragraphs sharing
about walks with evelyn the precious pooch and how she
eats dried, crispy worms from the sidewalk.
ah yes - there's something.



  1. I was going to say about Evelyn. :) Isn't it hard to keep them out of gross things when walking. lol

  2. You and Rocky are getting quite good at the trailer rehab thing. Will you show us the inside? If you've already told us that, forgive me. :)


  3. She sure is cute and I like the Robins Egg Blue.

    Bella eats dried worms too. We joke that it is her beef jerkey.

  4. Blessings to you! trailer is cute, cute, cute.
    God bless,

  5. The pinstripes add that something special to her beauty! And, yes, you can share about Evie eating dried worms on the sidewalk, if you please, dear friend.

  6. So, you two are into Trailer rehab in a big way! How many does this make and how did you get started?
    When I get a dog Evelyn can teach her how to eat gross stuff while we walk ;)

  7. Dried worms...must be a doggie happy-walk menu item. Cute trailer!

  8. Have a lovely time on the coast...it is sooooo hot here!

    I still do not know how to use Photo shop(and we have had it for 4 yrs) but would love to create a simple blog banner like yours. Just my name Seawashed in pretty font like your Pearls in a grey color...do you think you could help me some time?

  9. i love your posts. . .and i love your photos and scripture and descriptions of Evelyn and your hubby and what you had for dinner. . .because you make me see beauty in the everyday and you inspire me to be creative and make life beautiful for the ones i love. . . and if we were to have a wee visit, i'd ask you what you are reading and if you like movies and what's your favorite ice cream. . .:). . . and how to be patient with myself when i am sad. . .how to get through minute by minute


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