27 August 2014

a pin i pinned a million pin years ago...

after a recent argument 
with my iron's rude cord,
i realized some changes
needed to be made.
then i found this on pinterest ..
a pin i pinned a million pin years ago.
seems i've had the same argument
with the same rude cord
for quite some time.

that said,
i do believe it's time
to make one of these
holder thingymabobs.
i will.
now where'd i put
my sewing machine...?

{who needs a 2nd cup of coffee
and her pearls}


  1. That's a great idea! If I can find my sewing machine - and a bit of time here and there - I should probably make a thingy-ma-bob, too!

  2. Clever!

    Our current iron has a long cord and it stays folded and tucked in pretty well!


  3. I do remember this pin! I believe I pinned it as well, but haven't done it either ;). I had a retractable cord for a few years on my iron. Let me just say, that thing was a whipping missile until the day I got so frustrated with it and extended the "pull" a little bit too much. ;)

    Needless to say I now have the "old fashion" roll up cord like shown in your pic.

    Think I will sew one of these handy dandies in a pretty little print.

    I just got a new sewing machine...WOOO HOOO....still in the box. Hope the instructions aren't in a foreign language!

  4. this is a great idea. like it a lot.


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