31 August 2014

groceries.. Cauliflower "potato" Salad

because i have nothing better to do . . .
other than delving into yet another trailer restoration project, attempting to keep my house in order, doting on the hubs and dog, i'm sharing one more recipe. this one is for mock potato salad. don't turn your nose up - it isn't attractive nor polite. ahem. some folks despise cauliflower. i happen to love it and trying a recipe in this fashion doesn't bring fear to my bones. read on ...

Cauliflower "potato" Salad

* one head cauliflower .. wash, cube, boil til barely fork tender
* chop up 6 hard boiled eggs
* finely chop celery, red onion, and pickles
* add a couple tablespoons fresh dill
* add cracked pepper and paprika
* combine together 1/2 c light mayo to 2 T dijon
* add to mixture
* refrigerate a few hours before eating

i served our "potato" salad over a bed of arugula, alongside turkey meatballs with sugar free bbq sauce ... and you know what?
it's delish.
and a healthy substitute for potatoes..



  1. That could be a THM meal!


  2. This sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe - I will try it soon. I love cauliflower and have learned what a great substitute for potatoes. Can't wait to try this out.

  3. I love cauliflower, and have been roasting it with olive oil and garlic. That salad looks very good. Yum, looks like a great meal.

  4. I have wanted to try this. Glad to hear it is delicious. The turkey meatballs look quite yummy as well.
    Do share that recipe as well if you would too.

  5. I love cauliflower! I am so going to have to try this!
    And I Love your little camper!! My husband and I are about to take on the job of restoring a '74 Airstream International. I can't wait!!


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