06 August 2014

lately ..

we've had the strangest weather this summer. either much much much too sizzling or considering socks and a sweater! the past few days have been glorious and then yesterday happened. humidity. mugginess. why can i not be content and go with the temperature flow? why must i always long for fifty-six degrees? sigh. today we're in the high 90's with 40% humidity. i know you non-california folks have much more severe humidity and think me a major wimp but golly gee willikers i'm about done in. whew. wink. i'm so thankful for air conditioning. really, you've no idea how thankful.

been hosting house guests lately, with another wave coming in this afternoon, but just for overnight. they'll most likely be hungry so it'd be nice to feed them, hm? i'm grilling chicken breasts at noonish - right now in my time zone. once they're grilled i'll slice them up a bit and throw them in the crock pot with a bottle of bbq sauce and a container of mango pineapple salsa. the meat will be perfectly done by dinner time so i'll shred it a bit before putting in a serving dish. will slice a couple onions and saute them in a bit of olive oil for a topper. bought small rolls - more like large slider size, potato salad and macaroni salad from the deli. i'll put a jar of pickles on the table and cut up a seedless watermelon. with all that, and that's a quite a lot, i'll call it dinner.

last weekend we went to the coast to participate in a vintage trailer rally. felton (santa cruz mountains) was the location - at a very campy fun place that projects frank sinatra music from high up in the trees. the weekend was fun and relaxing all in one. we took Lula, my 58 terry and did just fine sharing that tiny trailer. it was cozy but somehow just right.

we were short on space and so as not to infringe on the other's space, we had our own little cubbies. 

in a week i'll be venturing back to the coast in a caravan with some other ladies and their vintage trailers, for a couple days of coastal mist, excellent food, and morning coffee. always morning coffee.

yesterday when i went to the grocery store, evelyn decided to hunt hefalumps and woozles. proof...

asked what flavor ice cream i like best.
{. vanilla .}
simple and straightforward vanilla.
however, at Cold Stone Ice Cream 
i am known to change that up a tich.
i rarely venture to Cold Stone.
too much of a temptation and i'm
really making strides in eating as 'clean'
as possible! anyway, at Cold stone::
coffee ice cream (like it size)
with graham cracker crust and lots of
caramel swirled through. yes. 
and that is why, boys and girls,
i'm eating clean these days. wink.

i'll answer some other questions
in future posts. ice cream was a simple
one that didn't require much if any thought.
it's a given. vanilla. mmm.

nursing a bit of a headache today that makes my eyeballs ache. ever have those? took something for it and will try to take a rest before our friends show up. looking forward to time spent with them.

and now, the chicken is in the crockpot. i'll set table, make sun tea, then put my footsies up on the ottoman and snuggle with my pooch for a bit, hoping to fall asleep for a few winks.

blessings to each of you ..
may you seek beauty in the every day,
may your hearts be comforted,
may you know that He's with you
where you are - right now.

who continues to wear pearls..


  1. I LOVED seeing Lula - and, oh, that wicker furniture. I envision something like that outside Miss Daffodil. But, alas, that's not going to be - other pieces have presented themselves that will be right! And Miss Evelyn seems to have forgotten she can't hide her actions if she doesn't wash her sweet face! Guests, again - oh, I wish I was on that list!

  2. Hefalumps and woozels, that's great. Good ole Pooh!! I love your camping adventures and your choice at Cold Stone (oh my!!) make mine a double please!!! Lord Bless you.

  3. Your lil Lulu is so cute and how wonderful that you both fit. Sounds like a busy month for you...us too. xx

  4. Your dinner sounds delightful and simply summer. Quick questions: Do you grill your chicken till done or just seared on both sides? What brand of BBQ sauce and mango pineapple salsa do you use? I too have guests coming and will not have much time to prepare a lot. This sounds perfect <3

  5. love your newsy update, and the sweet photo of evelyn. we're packing, packing, packing. closing on our home here is scheduled to take place nest week. and to top it off, i caught a summer cold from abigail. pooh!

  6. What a great idea for the chicken! Thanks!

    Your Lula is darling. Glad you and Rocky had such a nice time away. Can't imaging him fitting in that little thing, but I guess he did!

    Your dear and precious to me, friend.

    Enjoy your friends!


  7. Yum! Heart happy to linger over your news. Tell Evelyn to give Sam the Westie's greetings to hefalumps...

  8. I love coming here and seeing what you are up to with your vintage campers...I've dreamed about a trip with the girlfriends like the one you have planned.
    Enjoy...Happy Day


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