05 September 2014

back from the coast. again?!

100 blazing degrees at home ..
65 at the beach in northern california.
you do the math.
so a friend and i got outta dodge
for a few days. 

and i took a nap.

we were able to share a site
with doors toward one another's trailer.
listening to the crashing of waves
24x7 is something special.
my cell phone ringer
is waves and seagull calls.


we got our trailers set up 
then went out for
* Linner *
{ lunch & dinner }

we each enjoyed a cup of salmon chowder.
the salmon was plentiful and fresh.
our table overlooked the bay..

then we each had salads:
mine was a trifecta of beets, basil,
goat cheese, toasted macadamia pieces
in an orange balsamic reduction.
my plate was clean afterward.

linda ordered an 
heirloom tomato salad
that also had melted mozzarella, 
roasted bell peppers
and mushrooms, 
over a bed of mesclun.

we were here. :)
tiny campground close to the shore.
i could live there.. 



  1. Oh please email me and tell me where this is. Looks wonderful! It is still hot summer here in the valley.

  2. So lovely! Anything by the sea is my favorite!

  3. That looks like a delightful place! I wish my parents new about these kinds of places to camp when I was a kid!

    Your salads are masterpieces!


  4. What is it about that glorious north coast that so appeals to those of us in this valley? Our visit a few weeks ago still brings sweet memories of the cool, and the quiet to be heard above the pounding of the ocean. I hate noise. Loathe it. But that never ending pounding of waves against rocks is nothing but peaceful "quiet" to my soul.

  5. Oh, everything looks wonderful. So glad you had a great time. :)

  6. Lovely. So glad you got to go.

  7. Wish I could take my tiny trailer and go there with you sometime. It looks wonderful! Love the way you parked with doors facing each other.


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