11 September 2014

on the porch ..

and there we sat 'neath the setting sun, 
pondering the past, present, and what is to be...

"Uphold me according 
to Your word, 
that I may live; 
And do not let me 
be ashamed of my hope."
{Ps 119:116}

His life-giving word sustains us, 
proving once more 
that our hope in the Lord 
is never in vain.


  1. I love this picture...you guys need to get a little porch swing so you can sit and ponder...

  2. hi sweet sis .. we have two adirondack chairs on the cottage porch. we sit there and ponder just peachy. ;)

  3. prayin for you this mornin~

  4. Oh, to have a porch to ponder on! Praying for you.


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