30 October 2014

and so . .

my soup plans didn't exactly come together the other day. nor did the salad or the dessert. the morning i was to cook, bake, and assemble - was filled with necessary phone calls .. by the time i was free to begin cooking, baking, assembly'ing, i'd have only an hour to do so which does not make for a great soup. i felt overwhelmed. anxious. so i called the hub and we altered our plans. we went out for chinese with the niece and her hub. whew. i'll be making the soup tomorrow which will be perfect because big rains are expected! looking SO forward to that. and thankful that the hub will work from home. 

i did make lasagna yesterday. we served it to our guest. poor guy. it was so-so lasagna. sigh. edible. but so-so. i have NO idea what i did wrong. i'm dropping things. nail file, knife (yipes!)..craving sweets and salt. maybe i'm hormonal.

i haven't been thrifting in eons. i'm missing the hunt. if i took time to hunt through the junque i have, lay it out, walk away, come back - it'd be like thrifting anew.


recently, the hubs and i visited our favorite little oregon village - a two-night trip that found us putting our heads together to figure out some important things and possibilities that will most assuredly be probabilities (we hope), eating yummy food, and loving the old town atmosphere and autumn colors. we walked up and down the village streets, relishing each step in such a darling locale. we didn't want to come home. 



Mrs.Rabe said...

Such is life…we drop things, we mess up a recipe, we forget to do things…

I'd love to go junqing with you! It'd be so much fun!

Your get away sounds wonderful.

Love you….


Adrienne said...

A change of plans is a good thing when the day gets away from you. Your soup will be perfect when it's rainy. Like it is here today. And your recent get-away. . .I can visualize it all. My heart has been longing to have a get-away with my sweetheart to a sweet little place in the mountains of Washington where it feels like the Swiss Alps and everything speaks of holiday cheer. Someday, perhaps.

Peggy Priddy said...

It is good to get away and clear your head. Sounds like you both had a great time and were able to discuss things going on. You can always freeze soup and take it out when needed. Take care... Peg