13 October 2014

finally autumn.

it has been oh so warm here during the daytime. sure, overnights get down to the 50s, but daytime temps were still in the 90s. until today. today we're supposed to enjoy 80s .. then lower as the month progresses. autumn has finally arrived in northern california! it's still dry as a bone here (quite the intense drought) but the weatherman says rain is on its way, maybe thursday. and as we know, the weatherman is never wrong. what concerns me is that after the terrible fires, the seasonal rains, if we indeed get rain this year, will produce tremendous mud slides. fire*rain*mudslides

i found the following picture on pinterest. while i'm not a regular sock-wearer (it's a rare thing for me to slip on anything that touches the tips of my toes), these sockies are quite adorable and i'd consider letting them hug my piggies for a bit.

on saturday i photographed the wedding of a young couple in our church. i love how God does precious transformation in hearts, brings those hearts together, then brings them into a lasting bond. the wedding was simple and lovely, the bride radiant, the groom obviously enamored, and much joy in the folks who witnessed the ceremony. i'll share a couple pictures soon.

. . .

i have books in 4 rooms of our home. 
stacked one on top of another 
in a couple of those rooms. 
books i'm revisiting for autumn are ::

First We Have Coffee
by Margaret Jensen
. . .
this will be my 7th read 
and still the story touches 
me deep and offers 
loving reminders and peace. 
have you read this book?

"Some travel the high road in the hills, from peak to peak, where light lingers longer. Some travel in the valleys where they walk in the darkness of their own shadow. Mama would choose to walk the high road with God. She would walk in the light of His grace." {1stWeHaveCoffee}

. . .

The Orchard
by: Adele Crockett Robertson

the story is about a young woman trying to save her family's New England farm during the depression. the tale follows through a number of years and is rather craggy here and there, especially later in the book. the main character shares such a determination to push through and do all she can do to keep the farm alive 
in the face of opposition and calamity. inspiring..


by: Susan Branch

is *always* a light-hearted, uplifting, and otherwise usable book to get one in the mood for autumn. highly recommended!

and then there's ::


by:  Patricia Wells

... reminding us that true Italian cuisine 
doesn't end with meatballs or lasagna. 
simplicity reigns and can be delicious! 
something so "basic" 
as spaghetti 
with pecorino and pepper........?
i like to use the 
high protein pastas 
now available in stores. 
serve the pasta alongside 
a salad of arugula, 
pine nut, and shaved parmesan. 
light a few candles, 
put on cute socks, and enjoy. 

. . . . .

the hubs is working from home today. thankful he has that occasional option. that said, i'll be brewing extra coffee and he'll probably go with me to take evelyn the precious pooch for a walk. 

i have quite the list of to-do's this week so this morning i'll pencil everything on a piece of paper then figure out which will come first then rewrite the list ensuring there are boxes marked 'completed' to check off... laundry is always number 1 on a monday morning. 

. . .

we'll grill tonight. turkey patties that have kale, eggs, cracker crumbs, and lots of seasoning. we'll serve those alongside a large salad with roasted pumpkin seeds & red onion, as well as pumpkin cornbread (trader joe's mix). 

. . .

see well to the ways of your household this day, spend time with Him, with those you love if possible, never taking them for granted,
for they're dear. 


. . .

we learned of some truly 
unfortunate, tragic really, 
news yesterday morning ... 
not concerning our daughter 
but someone 
equally and preciously close . 
would appreciate prayer 
for an unspoken request.
thank you. 


  1. Enjoyed your post today, dear friend. Praying for your unspoken prayer request. Hugs

  2. I always love coming here and catching up on your comings and goings. I also notice the gentle processes of the Lord in your life as He is healing you layer by layer. Praying for your prayer request and always believing with you for your girl.

  3. Praying for your request. My dear friend just lost her father, less than a year after losing her mother. Heartbreaking.

    I love the book First We Have Coffee. An older friend told me about it years ago, and I was able to find a used copy. I am always on the look out for other copies to build my daughters' libraries of inspiring reading.

    Blessings to you dear jAne, and Rocky, and Evelyn.


  4. Love your posts. Always wish I was right there to be part of it all. Praying with you about your request.


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