10 October 2014


recently i was asked if i forgive my daughter for the lies spewed and shattered hearts left in a heap. my response was and is a resounding **yes**! she was and is under the cloak of brainwashing - of quack psychology under the control of a so called religious counseling program that claims Christ. i don't believe she grasps what her allegations have done to us as her parents. and i don't believe the (many) other young women grasp the severity 
of these lies about their own parents. 

by element of 
suggestion and brainwashing, 
 altering the minds of their followers. 
what do they (people in charge)
get out of this?! ego? power?
money? all of the above?

while i forgive my daughter,
i admit to great difficulty
 in forgiving the people 
running the program. 
the 'owner', the 'counselors', 
even the general staff. 
i'll even add to the list
the many supporters of this
program which include
christian (small 'c') celebrities,
some in national politics,
and a great number of
as well as the 
pastoral staffs
and church members . .
the key people in this program
are surrounded by 
those who are
lock-step devoted
no matter the truth.
and ourselves for it was
us who found the program
and ushered our daughter
through its doors..
desperate parents.
We harbor great sorrow
in not realizing
the dangers beforehand.

just because a program or ministry's
intent touches your heart does not mean
one should promote or support blindly. 
there are plenty
of programs and ministries that seek
to stir the heart of a perspective supporter.
misguided hope & trust..
it's a gotcha moment. 
don't go there.
make them prove there isn't a dark side.
research. delve into the nitty gritty,
where the $$ comes from, the doctrine
of the celebrities. don't leave your
brains at the door.
don't be ruled by
your hearts or desperation.

i'm sorry to come across as possibly harsh, but i sense it need be said. i'm exhausted witnessing blind loyalty to ministries or programs
be they secular or religious.

i'm not at liberty
{. yet .}
to publicly identify
the name of the program.
i hope to remedy that detail
in the near future,
with consent of legal counsel ..
ensuring our safety. 

at present i have a
righteous anger
against such a program
that allows this level of destruction.
justice is needed. required!
if not on earth (but i pray so!),
in heaven. 

and in His time
as He works in my heart, 


i promise to meander along, sharing a happier path in future posts, save for a well placed one here and there to give you a hint of how things are in our little world about this subject. hope that's peachy with you. in the meantime, we (the many parents) hold dear your petitions to heaven. for our lost daughters. for us. for the family as a whole, for this affects grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends left behind, and the list continues. but certainly for our daughters. please. thank you.


  1. Yes, righteous anger.

    I pray for your ability to forgive yourselves. You chose in the light that you had at that time. I know it's hard, all the why's and what ifs'.

    Praying, jAne…..


  2. Sweet friend! Continuing to pray for you and your husband and your daughter. Praying that God will restore the years the locusts have eaten.

    And thank you, too, for the underlying thought here of forgiving those who do not seek to be forgiven. The church we left just three short years ago told us then, and maintains, that you not only cannot, but that you MUST NOT, forgive those who are not repentant. To that I say hogwash!

    Love you!

  3. Praying for you and your family, jAne

  4. Continuing to pray for you, Mr. (& wear) pearls and your daughter.

    Thank you for your heartfelt honesty as you go through this difficult time. It's nice to be updated and know how to be praying for you all <3

  5. Lord bless you all during this awful time. Praying for wisdom and healing and forgiveness and restoration!!! God will use this for HIs glory somehow, someway. CLing to Him precious sister. I think it is good, when you can to share this *ministry* to save other girls and their families from this pain. with love.

  6. I am so sorry that you have gone through this and are continuing to go through it.
    May your daughter's eyes be opened this side of heaven.

    I know God wants us to know Him and His truth. I know He will hear your prayers.

    It hit home. The last couple of weeks, I have been amazed at the deception out there in some of the christian circles, churches and ministers. I have had to detox myself.

    There is hope.
    Keep praying and believing.


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