15 October 2014


i woke to rain, lightly tapping on the pavement outside our open slider .. part of me wanted to turn over and curl up with the hubs. but evelyn needed up. and out. and back in. and by that time my coffee was brewed - extra strong this morning. mmm. and together we burrowed on the big comfy couch. she slept. i sipped. 

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i also woke to a precious memory of my daughter. smiling, i realized all over again just how loved she was. and is. and will be - always. along with waking to rain, with my beloved next to me - deep in sleep, a praise song was and is still in my thoughts. i'm humming it this morning. simple worship .. may it be a sweet aroma to Him who hears. my soul rises..



  1. whatever may pass. . .singing with you, my sister

  2. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul. Oh...my soul. Worship His holy name.

    Beauty. Love. Peace.

    Praising Him for the rain.


  3. Beautiful song.
    Saying a prayer for you and this situation that has happened.
    May God make this right.
    In Jesus name,

  4. Truly beautiful, especially when our song rises amongst both blessings & thorns.


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