22 November 2014

heffalumps & woozles.

One morning, something was on the back fence. evelyn was having tooooo much fun chasing and barking at whatever it was. 
kitty? mouse? heffalumps & woozles!!!

her tail was doing helicopter rotations. 
judging by the speed at which she moved, 
all of a sudden she wasn't 9.5 years old.

happy girlie.



  1. Beau is 10 and can never resist a squirrel or expecially a cat! Gets him up in a hurry! Evelyn has such a beautiful coat. She looks as though she's looking back at you saying, "Did you see that?"

  2. What a sweetie! I love it when pooches suddenly come to life and want to 'relate' to whatever is out there. My little Joey is small enough he decides whether to give chase by the size of the other party!

  3. truly she is a frolicking, faithful companion~ blessed in a yard of shear beauty and wonder.

    my, how your yard has grown into a sanctuary of greenery!

    i have such a love for ivy and i could so easily curl up with a hot cup of tea, a throw, and read in your little spot of delight

    i wonder what evelyn saw? it reminds me that we have a little squirrel that frequently scurries across our back wall from time to time. we leave him nuts and call him norman :)


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