20 November 2014


hi. pics from our latest coastal excursion .. 

* * *

my husband's boot.
he's strong and sure.
and i love him.
{and his feet were cold}

one couple left their chairs out while they went to dinner.. 
such a perfect sunset shot.

the breeze was blowing at just the right speed.

lots of camp fires during our stay..

with the hubs tending .. keeping aflame.
this was dry camping so i lit the battery
operated candles inside.

i love this pic of the trailer at night, fire light.
lulabelle is so adorable.
the squiggles are sparks from the roaring pit.

plenty of hand holding,
while sitting or strolling or slurping coffee. 
mega amounts .. in a vintage thermos.

there's beauty in fire ..
whether you're walking through it spiritually,
or in the fire pit. there's beauty. 

our daughter used to eat pears with a spoon.
like this.
we wonder if she still does. 

the hubs in the distance. 

our camping site was simply perfectly placed.

no words necessary..

a nice selection of driftwood..
and shells.
organized. but of course!

crab, mussel, abalone. 

simple food. 

i brought a pumpkin for decoration..
as if one can add to decoration at the shore.


fog rolling in ..



  1. With all the camping we did while I was growing up , I never camped on the beach! I missed out on a lot. Great beauty in all the photos.


  2. Absolutely beautiful place and camping sight.
    Blessed for sure,

  3. Your photos capture the essence of a lovely time!

  4. Oh, I loved all of your beautiful pictures. You two are so cute and sweet. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs

  5. Beautiful postings as always.

  6. Perfect! What a beautiful place to be!

  7. by the sea of delight with the one you love~blessed by the God of all creation and beauty

    thanks for sharing your time <3


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