25 November 2014

thanksgiving menu. um.. and misplacing my "brain" & a ***♥truly jAne♥*** Christmas gift opportunity!

and so early this morning . .
3:17 to be precise . . 
yes, i was already awake and brewing my morning cup of liquid life.
i realized i had misplaced my "brain."
my brain is a notebook which holds my day to day responsibility lists, reminders, notes. in that brain is my list of to-do's leading up to thursday which happens to be thanksgiving and happens to include the menu as well as an intricate, detailed line by line, process by process, pattern of what i need to do when .. to make dinner happen. and i lost it. misplaced it. or something. i had the horrifying thought that i left it at one of the grocery stores i hit yesterday. then at 6:15, coffee in hand, evelyn the precious pooch (for she was helping me search for my brain all morning), i told the hubs my woe, lamenting its obvious importance. he took the coffee, offered a hug and g'morning hello ... and as i turned my head .. i saw it .. my brain! .. sitting there .. silently .. accusingly .. on the antique blanket box at the end of our bed. for pity sake. talk about wasted time sleuthing its whereabouts! sheesh... but oh so thankful to have found it so my life can continue on without delay. and the heavens rejoice. eye roll.

here's our menu.. 

my sweet friend (peggy) is bringing yummy apple pies and another friend (dale) is bringing some truly special olives .. local and cured and delish. looking forward to time spent 
with wonderful people and good groceries.

are you spending thanksgiving with family or friends? 
do you have a favorite thanksgiving dish?
have you ever lost your brain? 


p.s. responding to this post, answering one of the questions in the last paragraph .. will put you in a drawing for a **truly jAne** Christmas gift. drawing ends december 1.


Jeanine C. said...

yes, it is a scary thing to lose your brain!

the menu sounds delicious!

Seawashed Living said...

Is that Peggy from the shop? If so, she is such a sweetheart. I was just in the other day and will be going back today because she realized my gift card did not get tallied up correctly the other day. Anyway, I wish you a merry Thanksgiving with a full house and table. xxo

Mrs.Rabe said...

I do not have a 'brain in a book" but I think I'm getting there! ha ha

We are having Thanksgiving with my parents, my son and fiancé' and granddaughter, my brother in law and family (6 people) their two guests (missionary kids), our friend Denny.

I think we are at 19 people. It will be a joy to share that day with them all.

Any jAne gift will be a delight!


Anonymous said...

We are havin Thanksgiving with family and friends! Fav dish dressing i think, it is a rare and lovely thing!!!! Yes, i have lost my *brain* more than once. Someone recently told me it was cause i was close to 50 :-P !!! Really??? The other ladies in the room all shook their head sadly!!! Made me laugh after i stopped cryin HA!!! tammy

ps prayin for ya'll

Adrienne said...

I think I lose my brain quite often but it's in my head! Seriously, I have my 'brain' on my smartphone in an app called 'Task List'. It bothers me all the time because it has too many things to remember on it. Perhaps I need to pare it down and put it in a book! Love the sound of your Thanksgiving menu and the idea of folks coming to share your table. We will be with our son and his family and my dear, little mother will travel there with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend. Wish I lived close enough to drop by and share Thanksgiving hugs with you!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

When I first read, "I've lost my brain" my stomach clinched. Oh yes. I know *exactly* what you meant and it was frightening. I've got 2 because I keep trying, unsuccessfully, to transfer from a simple calendar notebook to a time manager. Unfortunately, I think I'm too stupid to figure it out. Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, the table is marvelous and the menu delicious.

Lindah said...

Hello. I just found your blog and am looking forward to back reading. I chuckled at your quest for your brain. Ah yes, where would I be without my lists and my list of lists! But at least you had evelyn to help in the search. Your menu sounds scrumptious. I'm sure you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.