04 November 2014

vote! and stuff...

the survey calls end tonight
and we can get back to our
regularly scheduled lives
and not contend with 
frustration each and every
time the phone rings and the
called identification
so obviously is a nuisance caller
and yes we're on a do-not-call list.
to how many surveys can one ..
should one ..

the neighbor cats fought in our front yard
 yesterday morning. that is, until i,
{your resident Rambo - er, Rambette}
went out, clapped my hands to get
their attention, yelled at them,
and otherwise caused quite a scene
for i was still in my jammies.
they'll never be the same ... poor dears.
the one kitty who wears socks and is allowed in susan's house, was being bullied by two other kitties also owned by susan but who are *not* allowed in the house. i think jealousy is an issue. well, the socks kitty was clearly afraid and it made my heart ache. and you know what? i'm tattling on those kitties for being mean to the socks kitty. that'll teach 'em. 

it was 61 in the house this morning at 4:45am. glorious! made me a very content chickie. later anticipating my hub's alarm clock to go off at 6, i clicked the heater to 65 and made a pot of coffee. he loves me.

white bean soup again for dinner tonight .. after which i'll portion out and freeze what remains in the pot. last night we ate our soup slowly - savoring each sip and bite .. in almost silence. so good. 

::: rant on :::
i photographed a wedding a few weeks ago so am trying my best to get those pics edited and fluffed. there have been some challenges which left quite a few pics on the cutting room floor. unfortunate. a friend of mine shared a link describing the perils of photography at weddings. with this electronic age there has been an increasing shift in consideration by wedding guests which makes one's role a bit more difficult: stepping in front of a photographer to take their own pictures of a poignant moment which means you may lose that poignant moment unless you shove that person out of the way in a split second (ahem..), stepping into the aisle to get their shot, using flash (arghghgh!!!), etc. that's my challenge in this current editing process. those of you planning weddings for your children or as a career ::: please consider having an *unplugged* wedding! 
click below for the article. 

::: rant off :::

i took some shots at a recent 
pastor's conference our church 
recently hosted.  
here's one that made me smile.


thanksgiving is right around the corner.
have you been thinking on what you'll prepare for dinner? for breakfast? ideas are rolling around in this noggin and i'll share more in a bit what our final menu will include. how 'bout you? 

with love,


  1. For Thanksgiving in my little corner of the world... a simple and homey gathering of "strays" (i.e. those who live too far for driving and have too many papers to justify flying home until Christmas)... I'm making the turkey and associated gravy & cranberry sauce, and letting guests contribute their own traditional favorite sides. Furniture will be moved, tables will be set up, and the writer's loft will be quite full and cheerful (I hope). I'm looking forward to a festive table... will be my very first time to host Thanksgiving!


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