18 November 2014

walking this path & other stuff ...

i recently read a passage that was so very personally insightful and applicable. sharing below, i hope you'll find it equally touching to your own hearts with validation and compassion. we all hurt, varied reasons, all very personal. i don't see one wounding as greater than another.. and yet i know some of my readers are going through the exact same thing as the hubs and me. 

"If you are wise, are you listening? - instead of torturing yourself over what you could not help and did not foresee, you will allow the grief in you to be a simple open wound that Christ may touch and, in good time, heal. This thing happened. It has broken you to pieces. If you can find the humility to allow it, grace will also heal you: you will be stronger in the end for this, one day. This grieving is the filth and mess that turns out to be the bed of sticky clay that, if we plunge our hands into it and bring them out full, we can craft into a grail of hope. it is so. I promise you." 

The Hour Before Dawn by Penelope Wilcock

.  .  .  .  .

the hubs and i - we're opening our home to friends for thanksgiving. there will be 11 around our table. there was to be 12 including my nephew but he's been ordered (military) to a different location and position in his branch - quite impressive if i'm to brag just a bit. i can't share details of course but suffice it to say that this is an excellent move, his parents are beyond proud, and i just know he'll be wonderfully blessed by this change. very special. 

it's chillier here in NorCal these days and that just brings me such happiness, especially while on walks with the pooch, early mornings outside when i can see my breath, wearing a sweater in the afternoon, or snuggling on the couch with a wool blanket. 

last night i made a simple meal of potatoes, (hebrew nat'l) dogs, onion - and a mess of green beans on the side. poorman's meal per Clara from depression cooking on youtube. delish especially with some good shakes of hot sauce and a fried egg on top for the hubs. 

we recently spent time on the coast in my 58 terry trailer named lulabelle. such a nice, relaxing getaway. the first night i slept 10 hours. TEN HOURS people! unHEARD of. typically 5 hours is my routine. but 10? no way. but yes, TEN the first night. the second night i was back to the mini sleeping pattern. we went to bed early and i woke at 2:20. unable to will myself to sleep again, i made a strong cup of coffee and once outside under the stars planted myself on a chair. i brought a warm comfy blanket with me as it was a tad chilly. besides a gazillion stars shining bright, the half moon graced the sky ... then a shooting star! what delight! and i'll bet i was the *only* one in the campground awake to see it. 

here's a view of our site:

our getaway was aptly timed as the hubs accepted a new position at work that will keep him quite busy from now on. not the calm before the storm, but certainly the calm before the busy. it will be a rare opportunity for him to work from home. rare as in almost nonexistent. i'm thankful, and proud, that he has been recognized in this way. such a good man .. professionally and personally.

and now dear hearts, i've miles to go before i sleep and with that i'll post this post and get busy with my day. 

with love,
(who is for sure wearing pearls today)


Seawashed Living said...

Your getaway looks wonderful. We will be camping at the lake in our Pearl Thanksgiving weekend. She cannot go far, you know. I am looking forward to it. You will have more people around your table than us this year! I am not hosting Thanksgiving since I have for the past 25 yrs. but we will have a shared meal with our children on Friday. I can hardly believe it is almost here.

Seawashed Living said...

Just had to come look again on my iPad so I could see your photos better. Your site is so close to the sea...sigh

Debbie said...

How I envy you your trailer travel. And I identify with your crazy sleeping patterns! Dang! I wonder what it would be like to sleep all night long, no matter how tired I am.
I have had a hard time allowing Christ to help me in the past. The stubbornness of wanting to hold on and control....that's me. Good article. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends, and enjoy having your hubs at home more. Mine has been on nights for over 20 years. I perservere. :D

Mrs.Rabe said...


Lovely post. Beautiful getaway - I have found memories of camping in California.

Sounds like wonderfulness planned for Thanksgiving.

Congrats to your Hubby.


Deanna said...

Lovely get away!

Adrienne said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. The quotation is wonderful. Loved seeing your getaway spot. I identify with the sleep pattern. Your view of the sea makes me want to head that way! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

elizabeth said...

I love catching up with you here! I'm so glad you'll have a happy crowd around the table for Thanksgiving. Of course, I love your camping spot by the sea, my favorite place to be!

Jeanne said...

I love all of y our postings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours


Cathy said...

{{{Hugs}}} Congratulations to your husband for his new position. I'm glad you got to go on such a nice and beautiful camping trip.