09 December 2014

a {big} storm's comin'.

so i did my part in adding 
to our preparedness cubbie.
i bought toffee covered cashews
and plan to munch on a measured few
while i sip my extra strong pour-over coffee.

evelyn the precious pooch will be sporting her
'thunder shirt' because the sound of heavy rain
and especially thunder, frighten her to no end.
thunder shirts apply a gentle, constant pressure, 
offering a calming effect for most dogs.
she'll be at my side throughout the days.

this morning i took her to doggy day care
which i lovingly and sincerely refer to as:
The Spa.
once there she knew the drill and refused to
get out of the car and into the building. 
instead, her entire body was shaking,
she turned her head and lifted her paw.
so i hooked her collar to the leash
and promised a cookie .. 
at which time she happily jumped
from the vehicle and with tail wagging,
bounded into the building along with me. 
well, she doesn't exactly *bound* ..
she more like, *sashays* ..

once the handler took her back to the play room
with the other fur-babies i realized i didn't
make good on my promise of a cookie.
shame! to assuage my guilt i went to 
Peet's Coffee for a salted caramel white mocha.
i feel better ... not so sure about the pooch. 

"jAne" {eeks.. no pearls today!}


  1. A good mama always tests the cookies first to be sure they are appropriate for the 'child'! Poor pooch - she will be scarred for life without her promised cookie. Praying for safety for you and a calm spirit for Miss Evelyn.

  2. A salted caramel white mocha - sounds delicious. Oh, I love the photo of your "baby" cuddled up on your beautiful chair. Very sweet.

  3. Interesting about her thunder shirt. We have friends with developmentally delayed (severely) kids who have used a similar thing successfully with these kids. The weighted pressure seems to calm them.

    Praying your days go well!


  4. Love your preparedness stash!! We also have a golden and she really could do with a thunder shirt!!! Yesterday i had a peppermint mocha to help me feel better about all things. A remarkable sense of well being :-)!! Lord Bless you in the storm!

  5. Adrienne .. i made up for it in the evening. she got two tiny treats and a chew-chew. she loves me no matter. ;)

  6. Susan .. Evelyn has issue with you callling it *my* chair. she truly believes that chair is all hers. ;)

  7. mrsRabe.. Temple Grandin is where we first learned of this type comforting accessory. she devised something similar for cattle .. and herself. an incredible movie was made about her: http://www.templegrandin.com/

  8. Anonymous .. it's an interesting thing when a delish hot winter beverage can make us feel all better. especially if there's whipped cream and sprinkles on top.

  9. I sure could have used one of those thunder shirts for my sweet Toby, when he was alive.

    It was *lovely* to visit here again.....

    Y'all stay safe! <3

  10. jAne, sounds wonderful!
    Wishing you all the best and may you have a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the Lord's Birthday.
    Blessings to you always,


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