04 December 2014

thanksgiving pictures... or the lack thereof.

can you believe this is the ONLY picture i took on thanksgiving? believe it. making gravy - thought it purty - snapped a shot. then nuthin. didn't even get shots of the table .. or the peoples. sigh.

but here's the beginning of my gravy. 
turkey .. white wine reduction. 
a good dollop of heavy cream,
fresh sage, pepper, parsley .. 
it was awesome if i say so myself.
and i just did.

so there you have it ..
my thanksgiving foodie post.
the menu was purtier than this.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Your menus are always amazing. This gravy looks wonderful, ours was mighty tasty as well.

I find I have been failing in the photo department recently as well. I must do better. Memories for sharing and remembering and all that.


Sharon said...

Your gravy looks delicious and I can only imagine how beautiful the rest looked :)