21 December 2014

the sofa.

i've never been one to desire spending multiple thousands of dollars for a sofa, or other furniture for that matter. it comes down to financial ability as well as good sense .. for me/us. i know some that can afford elite pieces of furniture and that's peachy .. but since i'm a junker at heart and have almost always been a junker at heart, i look for quality for a lesser price. just because something is used doesn't make it ill qualified to become a feature in my home. even if i had loads of $ i would still seek out a diamond in the rough. 

we gave our sofa to a sweet friend .. free .. though she paid for the use of a u-haul as well as the time of a couple strong young men to do the lugging. it's a heavy couch. seriously heavy.

last week after church and lunch out, the hubs and i visited a well known consignment shop about 30 minutes from our home. having him along was helpful since the couch we would purchase needed to be comfortable for him - you see, he's just a tich under 6'6". the man has long legs and a cute chick sofa just wouldn't do. i'm just a tich under 5'2" (aging shrinks a person .. i used to be 5'11") and can adapt .. though sometimes i feel like "edith anne". 

we found a lovely sofa that met his needs and mine. 
got it & it was delivered friday morning.

drexel heritage .. prettiness with a very deep seat, a soft sage and beige (leaning toward yellow'y), down cushions, down surround on seat. beautiful condition. we're pleased. very. after a thorough cleaning by Coit, we'll be set.

... jAne.


  1. jAne,
    How beautiful, what a lovely sofa! I enjoy the challenge or the "thrill of the hunt" (I lovingly refer to it) shopping in thrift shops, etc.
    I had to giggle when I saw that aging had shrunk you from 5'11" to a tich under 5'2". I guess I will be in big (uh little) trouble as I am 4'11-3/4" (have to get that 3/4 inch in there you know :))
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home :)

  2. I LOVE it! It's perfect in your room and I love the fact that it came with an elephant, too.

  3. Sharon... if i stand tall as can be, i'm 5'1 3/4". i completely understand making the 3/4 inch reference! yessireebobjanemark. yup. important.

  4. Adrienne: ha! the elephant is evelyn's. guess that's fairly obvious, huh? ;)

  5. Comfy sofas go along ways! Stand tall dear Lady.

    I wish I could shrink weight wise…am trying but having no thyroid is the pits. I am tall at 5'10''. Best enjoy life at all heights. grins.

    Your sofa is great. Very pretty room.
    May you have a very Merry Christmas,

  6. I love your decorating styly. Elegant and comfortable. Consignment shops are getting more and more popular, and I should look there often. Restore is another place, but ya gotta be quick! ;D
    Why don't men shrink?

  7. Deanna ... the weight thing. ugh. :(

  8. Debbie .. i wish my hub would shrink. 5'7" would be so much more do-able. but then, my hub can reach things on tall shelves so maybe it's a good thing he's an amazon man.

  9. I love your new couch, but it is missing something. Right where that elephant is should be a sweet Evie. :)

    Have a merry Christmas!

  10. That sofa is *gorgeous*! I just LOVE your style.....


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