11 January 2015

a most excellent example.

.  .  .

". . . she might have been crushed and broken, 
but she bore up and by her words of comfort, 
her strong affection and her piety and faith, 
helped him to weather the gale. 
In every branch of his work 
she threw her heart and soul ... 
and to the smallest detail acted 
with her husband as a faithful steward 
of the God in whom she trusted."  

{about Mrs CH Spurgeon}


  1. I shudder to think what will be written about me when I'm gone. "She spent his money!" Yip.

  2. What a beautiful example! Challenging, but so worthy.

  3. This reminds me of the saying *behind every great man is a strong woman*(somethin like that). Oh to be like this to my husband, trusted in the gates, faithfully respectful, and continually on my knees in prayer for him. Make it so Lord. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement!!!

  4. What a lovely and wonderful thing to be said about a wife!

  5. anonymous .. in agreement with you. :)

  6. thistle ;) .. i hope it can be said of me.


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