16 January 2015

barren beauty.

this morning the fog & chill called my name..

let me rephrase that. 

this morning the precious pooch requested the pleasure of my company out of doors. once i realized the fog & chill would also keep us company, i readily accepted. 

yes. that's better.

with camera in hand, for it's been a while since i've snapped shots, i followed evelyn to the place where she conducts business. 
and on the way i took some pics. 
but not of her business... 
you're welcome.

our little backyard cottage..
cozy and inviting in any season.

i kept the boxwood wreath up..
it's dying. and it's only natural that i'm 
holding on to it for i am a self-described
plant hospice facilitator.

kindling in the fire pit.
tonight would be a good night . .

to the tip-top.

one side of the house, leading to the front.
i call this my contemplative garden
but i don't sit on that bench
for spiders have claimed it.
need to talk to the hubs 
about him tending
to that 
why him?
because i'd faint.

our metal table that sits between 
vintage metal garden chairs. 
i love rust and peeling paint. 
 there's particular beauty 
in the imperfect intricacies of life.

our geranium is beginning to bloom..
nice surprise.

winter skeletons..

sweet little vintage trailer bird house
gifted to us by the hub's brother & wife.

my favorite .. 
a troop of mushrooms!
yes, a troop.


. . . . .

for some reason, 
this time of year i always reminisce 
my chamber choir days of long ago. 
one piece performed was
'Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind' ..
.hauntingly lovely.

the conductor is John Rutter.
the lyrics? 
'As You Like It'
Act 2, Scene 7.

i hope you enjoy it..


  1. The barren beauty of Winter is something I look forward to every year. Our barren river birch trees have been full of robins lately. Your gardens have changed so much that I barely recognize them. The fog and mist are pleasant and this afternoon on our walk at EG Park it felt like Winter again it was so cold.

    Rest and take care of yourself.

  2. Blessings to you.
    Our weather today was spring like and I will miss it when the freezing temps return. Enjoyed today.

    Will you ever share the interior of your little backyard cottage? Perhaps I have missed pics of this charmer, if not *hint *hint.

    I don't care much for spiders either.

    The song was beautiful.

  3. Kerrie .. gardens ebb and flow, evolving, bringing new life - New possibilities. As you well know, I love and prefer this fog and chill. :)

  4. Deanna .. You're right! I haven't shown the cottage interior! I will make good on doing just that. Thank you for the reminder. :)

  5. I love the beauty of winter! Your yard and garden are wonderful. I love the brick path to the gate - and I would clear those spiders for you, dear friend. Yes, I would! I'd love to see inside the cottage, too.

  6. You have a real gift for capturing the beauty of winter. Especially the geranium! We are having a brief thaw, but know more snow and ice will come. So I keep a close eye on the local greenhouse, and make plans for spring. Love the cottage! C.

  7. Adrienne .. you'd take care of the spiders for me! you are so courageous!!! and yes, pics of the cottage interior coming soon.

  8. C ... thank you. :) that geranium plant is huge. there are currently three blooms with many more in the works. we also have a large camellia bush that is a february bloomer. buds are starting. :)


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