02 January 2015

chilly cozy comfy.

it's a bit chilly outside so an extra cup
of rich hot liquid life will be brewed.
soon. if not before. chilly in my neck
of the woods is 28 degrees at 6am.
i love it. especially if i'm inside.
there's plenty of snow on the mountains
and chill in the valley .. perfect winter
weather - weather not experienced
last year. last year was fairly warm.
not a fan of warm. no, i'm not.

{ image found on pinterest eons ago }

would love to sit with you and chat 
while sipping the warm liquid.
the conversation would ebb and flow,
and if you got chilled i'd lay a comfy
quilt over you. we could watch a movie,
maybe You've Got Mail, a light hearted
film that ends well. or Persuasion .. 
a lovely period film with the perfect
blend of heart wrenching ends well 
wonderfulness. your pick.

i've a few errands to run. 
then tonight i stage a small area
in the upstairs lounge at the church.. 
there's a special young ladies devotional
in the morning, focusing on His
beauty and how He sees their
young hearts and how He longs
for relationship with them, 
not as the world gives. 
thankful to serve
behind the scenes.

still feeling under the weather.
still as in 4 days now.
there's an ice pick in my ear,
and i'm feeling the threat
of a cold but not sure it'll
do its thing. hope not.
emergenC, chicken soup,
vanilla chamomile tea.
and coffee. wink.



Jeanine C. said...

Hope you do feel better, sweet friend, and that your day is graced with His peace and goodness.

jAne said...

why thank you, sweet JeanineC. ;)

Seawashed Living said...
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Miss Michelle said...

I'm not fond of warm either. (When it is supposed to be cold that it.) :)

That is a charming photo.

Debbie said...

Persuasion is my absolute all'time favorite movie. But I also like Leap Year with Amy Adams. Have you seen that?

Adrienne said...

Take care of yourself, dear friend. So wish I could sit and drink a cup of something warm and watch a movie with you. And chat. A lot.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope you feel better soon, too!

I would bring my own tea bags (I know you have lots of beautiful mugs and cups to choose from) and then we could have a marathon movie watching and watch both Persuasion and You've Got Mail because I love them both!

I'd love to hang out and chat all day with you dear friend.

Also, that is precious that you are putting your special touch on a study for young ladies. I know it will bless them greatly.


jAne said...

MrsRabe .. marathon movie madness. count me in.

jAne said...

Adrienne .. let's add a crafty project to the mix like we did on our getaway last year, ok? :)

jAne said...

Debbie .. leap year? haven't seen that one. curious!

jAne said...

well hello MissMichelle. :)

Miss Michelle said...

Hulloo jAne!
I just love your blog. It's so tranquil & beautifully simple. I followed your old blog a few years ago. I was Hickory Hill Farmgirl back then. :)

aconstant said...

I would love to share a cup with you, and Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen story... good for a rainy day. :)

Anonymous said...

Feel Better Soon jAne!!! Love Leap Year!! A big Amy Adams fan. Enjoy, stay warm, and hold on to Jesus. Love your service to the body, such a precious gift of time and abilities. ~tammy

jAne said...

Thank you, Tammy. I need to check out this Leap Year movie. ;)

jAne said...

Dear miss A.. it would be such a treat to watch Persuasion with you. :)

jAne said...

MissMichelle .. I remember Hickory Hill blog! So good to meet up again. :)

Jeanne said...
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Anonymous said...

You've Got Mail~All time favorite!!!!! Ever After is a fun one too. Hope you feel better. :-) Dab a bit of peroxide in your ear with a q-tip twice a day while ill.
So many thoughts and prayers for you.

jAne said...

Anonymous .. i don't know if i've ever viewed 'ever after.' hmmm ;) and yes, peroxide! doing that - helping!

Sandra said...

A cup of tea please and definitely "Persuasion" with Amanda Root...one of my favourite movies. I hope you're feeling better.

It's turned very cold here in southern Ontario and I've hunkered down for a few days to enjoy the comfort of a warm, cozy house, cups of tea, cuddle dogs, and a few books to read...ok, there's some laundry and cleaning to do, too. :)

I've been reading through your posts (such a lovely blog) and have enjoyed your photos, recipes and glimpses into daily life. I'm also very saddened by what you and your husband have been going through...you're in my thoughts and prayers, Jane.

jAne said...

Sandra .. yes, *that* Persuasion. Amanda Root is the best. :) your days, cozy indoors, have a lovely tone. thank you for keeping us in prayer. so appreciated.

Becky said...

Love both those movies you mentioned. You've Got Mail always makes me cry at the very end.

jAne said...

Becky.. you too?! sniff.