26 January 2015

for it's morning.

things this morning that offer 
a gentle smile on my face
and embraces my heart ..

* early morning liquid life

* evelyn's snore

* my husband's cheery greeting

* biscuit with apricot preserves

* dappling of sunshine through the fog

* good long walk for the pooch and me

* His love .. it's never ending

* lifting up in prayer, those dear to me

hoping your day is full ... of love.


  1. The sun is maybe a bit too bright for me today but rain is on the way. Oh how we need rain. The fog has been like being in a cove of peace for me.

  2. kerrie .. rain?! big smle... even better.

  3. The day that was supposed to be sunny with no clouds began with fog that lifted around two o'clock. For enough time to enjoy and then it disappeared again. This post made me smile. So many blessings. We miss the 'small' things if we don't look for them.

  4. Adrienne .. and sometimes we need to remind ourselves to *look*! doesn't always come naturally. that old saying, "stop and smell the roses."... yes. stop! linger! embrace!

  5. Deanna .. it's now bedtime and I'm already looking forward to morning coffee.

  6. Elizabeth .. Thank you for your consistent example. :)


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