07 January 2015

speaking of salad.

we weren't actually speaking of salad . .
but since the subject has now been broached 
let's do speak of the plant food
kindly referred to as - salad.

the hubs and i don't eat iceberg lettuce,
nor should you {in my humble opinion}
for it offers zero nutrition. in addition
to the zero nutrients is the fact those
folks who deal with diverticulitis
issues shouldn't eat it (along with a
myriad of other foods). 
i have that issue. 
so no iceberg.

dark leaf lettuces, especially the smaller selections are best. i buy small heads of green or red leaf lettuces .. TJ's offers them in a package of 3. cutting the end off then slicing down the middle, i put 'whole halves' along with the loose outer leaves into a bowl. you've a fork and knife on the table to cut the greens into bite size pieces. tomato, yellow bell pepper, and very thin sliced red onion round out the dish. a few turns of cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar then a gentle toss and you're done. quick and easy. many times we eat our salads first without putting the main or side courses on the table. just salad. we find that we eat less of the main and sides this way .. and that's a good thing.



  1. I love salad! This looks so good.

    Simple, fresh, delicious!


  2. mrsRabe.. and that's exactly it. simple and fresh - so you know what you're eating. :)

  3. Now THAT is a lovely salad!
    This time of year I always start thinking about lettuces a lot more. Probably because of all the seed catalogs arriving in my mailbox. I grow an heirloom variety called Tom Thumb. It is a small medium green head lettuce and sooo delicious. If I ever get around building my "someday" greenhouse I will be able to enjoy them year round!

    <3 Miss Michelle
    PS: There's a vintage give~away going now on my blog, if you're interested. :)

  4. MissMichelle.. we haven't had a garden in a few years now. the tree shade has taken over the sunny areas. it's now a redwood kingdom. ;) once i changed our dressing, the taste of the greens came alive. wondrous!

  5. Love your recipes and food ideas, and I totally love your presentation. I'm learning lots from you!

  6. Cheryl .. simple simon stuff. reducing our ingredients and making sure they're fresh allows for simplicity in life and ease of digestion. 'least that's what i'm claiming. ;)

  7. Your salad looks wonderful.
    I am eating more salads as I age.
    Delicious meal if you ask me,

  8. Deanna .. yes, more greens with more age. ;) though right now i'm eating a chocolate chip cookie. don't tell anyone.


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