12 February 2015

a bit of early morning and reading and that dog.

a number of you gals have shown what books you're reading for the month, season, year. i have little stacks of books throughout the house and can pick up one that interests me at the moment for a moment or longer. in the guest room (the room where 'her' scent remains) is a stack on the desk next to my laptop. toward the top of the stack is my plugged in kindle which holds a growing number of books - a source i'll share the contents of at a later time. and ah yes, to the right of that sweet stack of reading material is my precious container of bio-freeze. it has become my best friend through this process of muscle spasms and such. 

Come Away My Beloved :: Frances J. Roberts

The Practice of the Presence of God :: Brother Lawrence

A Grief Observed :: C.S. Lewis

Sit, Walk, Stand :: Nee

Evidence Not Seen :: Darlene Rose

Streams in the Desert :: L. B. Cowman

True Community :: Jerry Bridges

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse :: Johnson & Van Vonderen

A Fine Romance :: Susan Branch

i woke early .. completely awake. big surprise. 3:15 to be exact. into the kitchen i padded and scuffed - made that required cup of liquid life then padded back to the guest room. i slept in there last night .. sometimes i do that. evelyn shared the twin bed. she's a bed hog. anyway, i entered the room only to find her in my spot. ahem. but who can possibly resist her adorableness? she's such a love.



Anonymous said...

"the room where'her'scent remains."
I'm praying for you, this deep ache.

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."
~C S Lewis

Praying for light as a feather thoughts, and even though this hurt is beyond explaining, that God would make you feel light as air while you are cupped in His hands.

I came by a bit earlier, but as you so lively write, I had to fix a cup of liquid life before I sat down to comment.

Books... Sigh, can you really ever have enough? I do not believe so.

"I stepped into the bookshop and breathed in that perfume of paper and magic that strangely no one had ever thought of bottling."
~Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I have three of the ones you have mentioned...

Streams in the Desert, a classic, my mama gave this to me and it is one I treasure, one of my favorites.

Come Away My Beloved, I was surprised to see this one, not many know of this beautiful book. And my how it reaches deep into the heart.

A Fine Romance, fun, girly, I love it, I love Susan Branch books, especially her Autumn book. :-)

"but who can possibly resist her adorableness?" Who could, no one. So cute!!!!! I have 6 pounds of white fluff sitting on my lap right now as I type this. She begged and begged to sit on my lap (She defines the meaning of lap dog to its fullest) and I kept telling her to wait so I could finish typing this with two hands, but as you say, who could resist? :-)

God bless you and cover you with gentle love.

jAne said...

dear no-name-kindred-spirit.. oh how i wish you would have shared your name. what a lovely comment..thank you. Carlos Ruiz Zafon quote. perfection!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It is so rare to find someone else that reads Nee! Another reason we are Bloggy friends.

jAne said...

brenda .. i'm on my second read of Nee's "sit walk stand." :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am not an early riser, I am more of a late to bed kind of gal, but I love that you are finding your way through this awful, awful time, and that you are finding Him to be your sustainer. I have learned so much from your quiet example.

I love to read, to learn and to be encouraged. I pray that you will continue to be as well, friend.


Anonymous said...

What a story Darlene D. Rose has!! Wow her testamony helped me in a huge battle of my heart years ago. Praying for you and for *her*. Pleading really. And that dog, well , Goldens just have this way of lovin that is irrisistable!!! Beautifully and sweetly so. tammy

jAne said...

Deanna.. My desire is to walk this path in a way that would honor Christ. The truth is that I fail. Often. Hug. Thank you for the encouragement.

jAne said...

Tammy.. I'm so thankful you have also been deeply touched by Darlene Rose' testimony. Beauty.

Becky said...

I often have those kind of nights. He is there with us, sometimes through the gentle love of a sweet doggie.

jAne said...

becky .. no wonder if have stock in under-eye-concealer! not enough sleep... ;)

theuncommonpearl said...

Stream in the Desert...one of my all time favorite devotionals <3

I picked up a 1925 edition for $2.00! Love finds like that!

jAne said...

theuncommonpearl .. streams in the desert is a must read and often. a 1925 edition?! very nice. :)

theuncommonpearl said...

That's what is printed on the inside page...all yellowy with the smell of old sweetness. The cover... very plain medium dark green with faded gold lettering. A treasure in more ways than one!

jAne said...

pearl .. there's nothing like carefully opening a truly old book, breathing in its heady scent, and drinking the words from the pages.