07 February 2015

a thought held dear. and prettiness. and stuff.

"I can,
with one eye 
take it all as a

{Flannery O'Connor}

. . .

see beyond,
with a view of eternity.
this life is but a whisper
of His amazing grace.

and might i say, that to me, 
this is one of *the* most 
beautiful of kitchens. 
and i love the idea 
of having a comfy chair 
in the heart of the home.
i would be oh so content
with this situation.


a couple friends will be staying overnight with us, arriving this afternoon. tacos are on the menu. hoping the rainstorms we're experiencing don't hamper their travel plans on the way here or on their way back home to southern california. 

right at this minute though - no rain - but it sure is a wet bog of an existence out there. and oh gee lookie that - my pooch laying on the puddled, muddy ground. scratching my head .. 

that pooch has a very loud tail at 4 in the morning. i get up early anyway so her making noise to get me up isn't such a problem; it's the very loud tail that's a problem. so as not to wake the sleeping giant next to me i hurriedly put on my specs, slippers, robe .. and pad out to the kitchen to start coffee. evelyn wants out. i open the door and she goes out only to turn around as if to say, "you coming?" being that the answer is a resounding no! she comes back in and curls up on the comfy couch, waiting for our ritual of coffee and cuddles. she's a squishy lump of love.


  1. Have fun with your friends and I love all that you share.


  2. That is a beautiful kitchen and I too love the chair. Beau has no tail, but he runs in circles when I get out of bed and heads off downstairs to wait by the door. It takes me a little longer!
    Hope your weekend is lovely!

  3. Many Mennonite and Amish homes here have couches in the kitchen. It is easy for Mama to keep at her work and a little one to nap or rest when ill, all within Mama's reach.

    I love that our living room and kitchen is open. It would be nice at times to be able to keep the prep dishes and pans hidden from guests, but I like not being hidden away in the kitchen, while my guests are in the living room.

    Enjoy your visit!


  4. So different with a cat. Victoria gives me a look and a loud meow which seems to say, "Good... you are up to serve me now". -:)

    I have loved my pine table with Early American chairs for a long time. But the older I get, the more I would appreciate upholstered chairs!

  5. For a moment I thought you had make some amazing changes to your kitchen! This is a beautiful room, but I think you kitchen has the same 'spirit' - just needs the comfy chair. Love the quote. Something to remember. Stay dry, dear friend. Enjoy your guests.

  6. Jeanne .. on my way to visit you in a few minutes. :)

  7. Debbie .. does beau have the habit of tap dancing on the floor, making LOUD noises that way? our evelyn has the long loud tail as well as nails that tap the wood and tile floors. i miss carpet for that reason alone.

  8. Deanna .. yes, the whole hidden away part. no bueno. i think i need to adopt the sofa or chair in the kitchen aspect of Amish culture.

  9. Brenda .. dogs have masters, cats have staff. that is all. ;)

  10. Adrienne .. that'd be some change to our kitchen. you're sweet.

  11. I hope you enjoyed your company. Evelyn is a love. xo

  12. Kerrie ... Evelyn is truly that - a love. And we're enjoying these folks very much. Here to pick up a trailer found in the foothills. I work at the shop today so will miss out on seeing them off...

  13. My dog has decided to get me up early as well. Her tail is not loud but I here her wagging it along the carpet and smacking her lips. 4:30 am it is, good morning world!
    That kitchen is gorgeous! Wouldn't mind one myself like that :)
    Have a beautiful day!


  14. Janet .. our dogs are always happy to see us, earlier the better so it would seem. ;)

  15. Love the O'Connor quote and the kitchen...my kitchen has 2 rocking chairs, either side of the gas fireplace with another craftsman type chair making it all cozy. The long table was bought out of an old bank, has a leather glued cover, 2 drawers and seats 8...mismatched chairs and a bench Daddy made for me. It's the kind of kitchen that stands up to muddy paws, boots and a lot of loving living.
    Lord, please help me find a house big enough for my furniture...it all has a history and a story and I can't bear the thoughts of not taking it with me.

  16. thistle girl .. i know it's not nice to covet - but i'm coveting your kitchen situation. and hoping hoping hoping your next home will have a home for the treasures you hold dear to your heart.


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