28 February 2015

at this time.

a sweet friend shared the following, 
and i thought it
and necessary 
and timely
to share it with you as well.
i'm humbled by the words
of the Revelation passage,
in light of the current
martyrdom at this time,
and bowing low...
fleece outstretched,
palms up.

in His love,

nancy shared, 
"considering the state of the world...
pray for those being martyred..."

"When he opened the fifth seal, 
I saw under the altar the souls 
of those who had been slain
 for the word of God 
and for the witness they had borne.
They cried out with a loud voice, 
"O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, 
how long before you will judge 
and avenge our blood 
on those who dwell on the earth?"
Then they were each given a white robe 
and told to rest a little longer, 
until the number of their 
fellow servants and their brothers 
should be complete, 
who were to be killed 
as they themselves had been."  
{Revelation 6:9-11}


  1. Scripture has much to say about those who give their lives for their faith in God. What a humbling experience to think of standing with them in His presence one day.

  2. This has been so much on my mind.

    There have always been martyrs - I think we in the west just haven't been as aware of it as we are now. In my family history we have a Scottish Covenanter martyr.

    Only God knows that number of martyrs until it is complete. I pray for faithfulness for all believers.


  3. One cannot help but acknowledge that we are seeing prophecy unfold everyday, before our eyes. Prayers, and then more prayers. Corinne

  4. adrienne .. i'm in awe of the fact they're with Him. right now. glory!

  5. deanna .. agreeing with you in prayer for the faithfulness of all believers. amen..

  6. corinne .. agreeing with you dear lady. selah..

  7. this helps so much. thank you for sharing.


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