08 February 2015

and today.

. . .

... quiet ... restorative ... are early mornings. Coffee and cuddle time with the pooch. The hum of the refrigerator, the pups gentle snore, in the distance a train's whistle - long and low. I wish early morning lasted longer. Some folks prefer languishing in bed ... others prefer waking whisper by whisper and sip by sip. That's me. 

We have house guests. Brothers. They rolled in last night at dinner time .. through dinner then dessert and into the evening we talked - of the serious and the silly, the sad and the sublime. They're here to pick up a trailer for one of the brothers and his lovely wife. The trailer was found in the foothills and will now begin the process of restoration. A 1948 boles aero monterey.. it's wonderfully campy inside with mostly beautiful wood and original white appliances. A sweet find. The hubs and I drove up to the Sierra foothills one night last week to check it out, deemed it worthy, stayed while the buyer and seller conducted the necessary $ transaction over the internet, slapped a hitch lock on the tongue and drove home. It was a fun, spontaneous evening and we had a fast food dinner on the way and tums later on .. ha!

The other brother has chickens. Chickens lay eggs. He brought eggs! I became friends with the chickens last summer while checking out a trailer in SoCal. They were little back then and I spent time cuddling the cute feathered gals. Cuddling chickens - who would have thunk. Looking forward to a great breakfast. There's nothing comparable to eggs that are truly farm fresh. 



Seawashed Living said...

The vintage trailer they have come to pick up sounds amazing. Sounds like one that you would want! With white appliances...sigh. Enjoy those lovely fresh eggs. Yum.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love our chickens and the fresh eggs they lay! So good!

What fun to run an errand like that! I'm certain the trailer will be restored to its original splendor.


jAne said...

Kerrie .. they plan to decorate in 40s tiki. i'm quietly hoping they use caramel, espresso, and cream in the chosen colors.

jAne said...

deanna .. they're potentially going to change up the interior situation a bit. the evening *was* fun. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love when we had our hens. Been thinkin and dreamin of havin em again. You are right fresh eggs are such a delight. Did you know they have come out with a 1961 Shasta re-issue??? They are darling, got to see one yesterday :-). Can you have hens where you are?? tammy

jAne said...

tammy ..

where i live (suburbia) we can have three hens and no roosters. a gal across the street has hens and i love listening to them cluck and such when the front door is open.

1961 shasta reissue. yep. know about that. cute. my opinion (i don't sugar coat)... for far less than $15,000 you can buy a real 1961 shasta that has been completed restored. the 'new' shasta does *not* have birch wood - it has the el cheapo peely sticky fake stuff. it has a potty room, yes. but you can't open the door if the bed is made up....?! there are other strange realities of this particular trailer that folks who now own them are realizing. i'm not exactly pro-reissue. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wisdom on the re-issue. I think the company must be goin for sentimental w/o the quality of the original. Bummer. 15,000 is a crazy price!!! I would love love love a real one, i dream!! Lord willin, one day :-). I am thankful you do not sugar coat!!!! And what is that mess about the door not openin to the potty when the bed is made??? Glory i did not even think about that when i looked yesterday!!! NOT a good thing for those that must in the night. And i am one who must...in the night!! :-)

I am so happy they allow hens where you live. We live in the city limits of our little town and they say it against code (or whatever). I am thinkin them what decided have never had hens!! ;-)

Lord bless ya sister. And thanks again for the info. tammy

jAne said...

tammy .. you're fun. :)