18 February 2015

getaway & tidbits.

it was the right thing to do ... get outta dodge for a few days. So we went to a place that brings a sense of calm to our hearts, stayed in a pretty b&b, ate good groceries, walked, dreamed, prayed, read.. and before we knew it we were back home and snug in our own surroundings once again. it was restorative - the getaway..

{ darling image found on pinterest }

evelyn stayed at the spa and had a bath while there .. she smells so good! they treated her to a manicure (clipped those toenails) and she participated in the valentine's day pooch party. i made sure she went to the spa in fashion - i put lots of lippystick on and kissed her sweet forehead and was a little disappointed they washed that off when they gave her a bath. hmfph. i'm sure they think i'm nuts - - except when i bring donuts as a treat. for the humans. then i'm completely normal. here are a few pics of the fur-girl.

i just love her little loppy-side face.

she tends to seek out the shade. like me.

at the valentine's day party
with one of her handlers. 

one day we took a drive to the ocean and the road was twisty curvy tummy sickening blech. i forgot to take dramamine. ugh. picked some up there for the way back. walking in the sunshine helped. we made our way over the rocks big and small then up the road to the light house. a perfectly situated picnic table was waiting for us so there we enjoyed a bit of lunch. and 7up for me.. the drive back was easy peasy thanks to Rx.

good meds. good view.

one of our better shots..

we saw this rather large piece of driftwood on the beach on our way to the lighthouse. i immediately thought of kerrie at seawashed blog .. driftwood is one of her favorite things on this earth. unfortunately i couldn't bring this piece home. it was about 5 feet long. 

we walked .. a lot. and we have a favorite part of the town and a favorite street. here's a couple pics of homes on that street..

near as we can figure (without intruding on the owner's personal space and asking) the homes were here since the late 1800s .. 
now restored and lovely. 

we went out for dinner every night. yes, i'm smiling. and every morning breakfast was served. i could get used to that... but alas i cannot live a life of luxury for long so it's back to cooking. tonight we're having roasted red pepper tomato soup and salad. oh, and i picked up a fresh baguette as a go along. 

and back home, it's a bit overcast - cool (40s) in the morning but should heat up to 70 by afternoon. i'm not so fond of the 70 business. but with it come buds on the trees, daffodils and iris blooming, and the remains of  the february camellias. warmer days have their perks i suppose. but ohh the foggy days of winter. 

{pearls today because it was the thing to do}


  1. Thank you for sharing your get-away and the pics of Evie at the spa. I remember that little, old home so well from my walks around the community you visited. Glad you got away and glad you shared a bit with us.

  2. adrienne .. we need to go back there. you and me.

  3. So glad you were able to catch a few days away together to be restored and refreshed. We love the north coast, too!

  4. cheryl .. we were a bit north of the north (calif) coast. just as lovely..

  5. Love the pics. That Evelyn is so sweet. Wish Beau was that with other doggies!
    Y'all visit the nicest places. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  6. Debbie .. evelyn **isn't** like that with other pups if i'm around. she's **extremely** protective.

  7. A getaway sounds so nice. Though I cannot even guess where you are but its my kind of place, except the winding roads. I am a non rx person so I avoid those kind of roads.

    The driftwood is like a sculpture but I do understand why you could not drag it home for me. *wink*. I treasure the bundles thst you have so kindly given me more than jewels. I have a handleful in an ironstone pitcher on my kitchen counter. A bouquet of driftwood.

    I have been down in pain with a pulled muscle in my bad shoulder for two days. Ice and sleep...and lots of tea. Bella takes care of me like youd Evie takes care of you. Glad your neck is feeling better. At least well enough for a getaway. xo

  8. kerrie .. it's a peaceful, small town bit of wonderfulness - where we went. :)

  9. Blessings!
    I could enjoy some nicer weather.
    So ready for Spring,

  10. deanna .. has your winter been long and hard this year? i'll bet you've been making soups in that pretty kitchen.

  11. Oh my loveliness!!!! What a sweet and lovely time it looks was had by ya'll!! So thankful!!! God and His tender mercies are preciously sweet. I think that pooch be one of them too!!! She is such a darlin. I love her loppy side too. Our Golden, Elsie is such a gentle companion. Love. Thank you for the pics and to know you had such a good good getaway is a blessing~tammy

  12. tammy .. seems only right to name our golden girlies elsie and evelyn. very fine.


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