27 February 2015


. . . just quiet is all. 
there's healing 
in the humbled places of life, 
and realizing all over and again 
how very powerful, merciful,
and full of grace our Lord is. 
i'm so thankful to be called 
a daughter of the Most High.

* ~ *

"Neither go back in fear and misgiving to the past, 
nor anxiety and forecasting to the future; 
but lie quiet under His hand, 
having no will but His..."
~ H.E. Manning


Deanna said...

Truly wonderful being a daughter of the most high God.

Blessings to you this week-end,

jAne said...

deanna .. nodding my head yes!

Miss Michelle said...

Indeed! <3

jAne said...

missMichelle .. i love that word, indeed. one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Wise people are not always quiet, but they know when to be. :-)


"'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus."

Seawashed Living said...

Just quiet is all...amen xo

jAne said...

Anonymous.. tis so sweet indeed. :)

jAne said...

Kerrie .. and amen. :)

Anonymous said...

that grace that amazes me!! How deep the fathers love for us!!!! oh to be quiet and think on it more. beautiful quiet. to rest in it still.

jAne said...

anonymous .. there's so much noise 'pollution' and distractions during the course of our days .. to rest and be quiet in the Father's presence. oooh yes.