13 February 2015

the big city. dinner out. home.


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one day this week the hubs and i, along with another, made our way to san francisco to meet with yet another, for a very important meeting having to do with what happened to our family(s). golly that sounds so mysterious and i apologize for that but there's a reason.. and for now i'm unable to share the reason for the meeting. regardless, it was necessary. integral. worthy of our time. worthy even, of the stress leading up to the appointment, and the emotional exhaustion we're experiencing afterward. 

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driving back to our smaller valley city which also boasts a bridge but considerably shorter in length, we chose to have dinner out.. the hubs suggested a restaurant near the capitol: II Fornaio. it's a beautiful venue - the type of place we only visit on very special occasions. few and far between. the fact he chose this place, on this {♥wrenching} day, meant so much. he sought to bless me.  he succeeded.

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.. and this found its way to my mouth and danced on my taste buds .. an incredible waltz of flavors.

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Cappellacci di Zucca
Ravioli filled with butternut squash and walnuts 
served with tomato sauce, brown butter, 
grana padano and crispy sage

we parked a couple blocks away and the temp was perfect for a stroll to the car. after gathering our pooch from the spa (doggy daycare), we made our way home .. to our refuge, our haven. and in that place is rest. 

the hubs is taking a few days off .. looking forward to time well spent. together.



Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that with this wretched piece of the journey you have a kind, loving husband. What a gift and place of rest for your heavy heart. Praise God for him that loves you and is tenderly mindful of his beloved. Enjoy your time together, tis the best gift we can give or receive. prayerfully~tammy

Adrienne said...

Praying for you and asking the Father to refresh your souls and fill you with His presence.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for it all!

Your dinner out sounds and looks wonderful. What a beautiful location.



Seawashed Living said...

That is one of our favorite places. We actually stop by frequently to pick up fresh pizza dough for grilling our homemade pizzas. Your meal looks wonderful.

Peace to you as you spend restful time together. xo

Anonymous said...

Dearheart, You know I ache with you. I know that emotional exhaustion. So glad you have some time off from daily routines to be together and encourage and comfort each other. Whatever is going on,I pray it works out positively for your family. For now, recall to mind Ps.34:18....The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Hugs! Corinne

Sandra said...

A thoughtful husband indeed. Sounds like he's a keeper. :) Your meal sounds delicious and the restaurant, lovely. I hope it fed not only your body but your spirit and soul.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We have similar taste, most of your books -Lewis, Roberts, Nee, Cowman, are on my bookshelf and I read, re-read and am never full because of the wise words of others. Spurgeon is a daily morning visit and my little devotional will soon be so marked up, I'll have to get another. I also like Alexandra Stoddard and have enjoyed her for decades and also Susan Branch.
My 3 hounds sleep with me or, it should be rightly said, I sleep with them. They've been warm comfort and warm since Dave died; a visible, tangible blessing.
God is able; He is making a way for you. It may take time for you to see through the grief fog but, eventually, you'll look back and say, "That was the Hand of God."

Becky said...

Good restaurant, gorgeous inside! Oh and I love that same pasta dish. Gentle hugs being sent your way along with prayers.

jAne said...

tammy .. you are such a dear.

jAne said...

adrienne .. precious friend, thank you for praying.

jAne said...

deanna .. He's orchestrating everything in His time and purpose and way. :)

jAne said...

kerrie .. haven't tried their pizza dough - will consider that in the near future. and, rest is needful for everything..so thankful we were able to enjoy a bit of that.

jAne said...

corinne .. i know you know my heart in this h*ll. i'm sorry you're experiencing it as well. {{{hug}}}

jAne said...

Sandra .. the restaurant choice was so unexpected! we enjoyed every moment and morsel.

jAne said...

thistle.. you said **God is able; He is making a way for you. It may take time for you to see through the grief fog but, eventually, you'll look back and say, "That was the Hand of God."**

i know that as sorrowful as the situation is, we're on holy ground for He has allowed it and His presence is evident. hugs. and i believe our pups are such a source of comfort. thankful yours are touching your heart and bringing healing..

jAne said...

becky .. this was the first time for this particular dish. i've got to say, the crispy sage was a TREAT!

theuncommonpearl said...

looks delicious...and swanky ;)

jAne said...

pearl.. it was! both. :)