04 February 2015


* * *
recently i hurt the muscles in my neck and shoulder causing intense spasms and great pain. the kind of pain that nearly brings you to your knees. this injury caused me to postpone a long planned trip to florida to visit my father, instead visiting an amazing chiropractor and therapeutic masseuse. it has been a few weeks now and while i still need to be very careful, i'm well on my way in the recovery process. how did it happen, folks ask. well, as with many things it's cumulative.. i had been doing some furniture moving and lifting at home as well as at the antique shop i work. the final straws were lifting my sewing machine up on the kitchen table, and stepping into the shower (such a simple act but one that sent me over the edge). i couldn't lay down to sleep and opted to sit up on the couch and endure the horrific spasms of each and every move. by 2am the hubs came in and told me i'm not flying to florida. we were supposed to be up and out the door and to the airport by 3:15. he went on to the airport and flew to memphis for business .. and i remained home. a dear friend with the amazing gift of helping others came to my rescue, taking me to the chiropractor through the week, to the store, etc. so thankful for JanR. - such a blessing. she even made me a seed-filled back warmer - the kind you heat up in the microwave. it's soft flannel and such a beautiful pattern .. and it offered such comfort after icing my neck and shoulders. every day she made sure i was taken care of, cozy and secure in my home. 
her selfless acts of kindness blessed me.

evelyn the precious pooch was already booked in at what i call "the spa," a wonderful place where dogs (and kitties) lodge or attend daycare. since she was already there i decided it was best she remain there for most of the week. even walking sent me into spasms so going on her regular walks would have been a challenge. i'm sure i would have spasm'd and done a face-plant
and while on my back grimacing,
i'd be yelling, 
"i've fallen and i can't get up!" 
it wouldn't have been a graceful fall. 
so at the spa evelyn remained. 

i watched a lot of netflix,
especially the hoarders series.
i want to empty my house now
and live the minimalist style.
and rested.
and dozed.
and read.
and iced.
and heated.
and one day i had this..
toast, applesauce, tea

there's just something so very calming about toast. as a child my mother made this when we (my sisters and i) were feeling sick. sweet memories and recently relived. and even though i wasn't feeling great - i made my setting pretty cuz it helps in the feeling better process. or at least i seem to think so. besides, life is too short for bad food, bad coffee (or in this case tea), and bad table settings.

dry toast made from leftover brioche, natural applesauce from the jar, and honey vanilla chamomile tea.. 
is there anything better? 
i think not.

..who most assuredly
 did not wear pearls that week..


  1. I was so sorry to hear about your back injury but am glad your recovery is going well. What a blessing to have a friend available to lend a hand while your husband was out of town.
    I hope your pearl wearing days are almost back and that the injury does not reoccur!

  2. dearest jAne. . .sipping my tea, having finished two slices of buttered toast and calling off the schedules of day to read and dream and write. . .and what should i find, but you having your cup and toast, too. . .i'm lifting my cup to you, dear one

  3. Prayers & hugs sent your way hon, for recovery. Oh dear, been there, done that. Nasty fall on the ice and I know how much help one needs with daily simple things. And bless the chiropractor who has healing hands. They have helped me out of so many situations. I love a nice lavender pack that is nuked and the scent helps too. Love vanilla chaomile tea too. So soothing. Take care, rest and soon you'll be back to normal. Well wishes sent your way. Corinne

  4. I am so thankful to hear that you are doing so well now! What a painful experience! I hope you get to go to see your father before too long.


  5. Oh boy, do I know about muscle spasms in the upper right back and neck. I am so glad you are doing better!

  6. Dani .. thank you. i miss you..evelyn misses you too. i wore pearl earrings yesterday. ;) then last night my neck spasm'd yet again. sigh.

  7. Susan .. buttered sourdough toast is calling my name. maybe for lunch :)

  8. Corinne .. lavendar scent. ooh i should pick up some lavendar and make a sachet for just this purpose. currently i'm sporting the not as lovely scent, of biofreeze.

  9. Deanna .. trying to figure out a time. hoping for april.

  10. elizabeth .. i'm sorry you've experienced this pain!

  11. I'm so glad you are on the mend, dear friend. And thankful for a close-by friend who could give aid when you needed it most. I was a million miles away. . .praying.

  12. Dear jAne,

    I am so sorry for your pain! Praising God for a wise and loving husband, that you had help, and your beautiful sweet pooch had a good place to go. Also, for healing, that kind of pain can be so paralyzing. Lord Bless you sister. ~tammy

  13. Adrienne .. i just knew you were praying. hugs.

  14. tammy .. paralyzing pain. youbetcha.

  15. so sorry you were hurt.
    may you heal quickly.
    toast is the best!

  16. Hi Jane, I did the same thing, I helped pick up a couch set and didn't even end up keeping it! I also missed a trip to see my 2 brother in law's. So we were both hurting at the same time, but it sounds like you had it much worse. Hope all is well, I still only follow your blog, it's the only one I read, I love it and need it, it is so calming for me, thank you so much...

  17. Deanna .. doing better. Toast helps. Sourdough this week. :)

  18. JaniceV.. I'm humbled by your kinds words. I needed to read that tonight. Thank you so much. I'm glad you visit..And appreciate the time taken. Hug.

  19. I do hope by now you are feeling better. <3

  20. Jeanine .. i'd say "yes i'm fine and dandy" but i'm not. just when i think i'm all better my neck does its thing again. yesterday i realized how i'm hampering that process of getting better. eye roll.

  21. Oh dear! So sorry to hear about the injury and praying for a good, swift, full healing. <3

    Toast is indeed one of the most lovely things when one isn't feeling well... thought I could "do without" a toaster for four months in my first place... but after my 1,000th piece of toast burnt in the oven broiler, I broke down and got one. Never taking it for granted again. :)

    My latest "thing" is baked goat cheese, spread on toast, with honey and fresh blackberries/strawberries on top. It's delish, and comforting to the soul. :)

  22. dear 'a'.. baked goat cheese on toast w ith honey and berries? i'll be right over. ;)


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