25 March 2015

breaking fast.

g'morning. rise & shine.
and give God the glory
{for another day}
no matter what!


this is a typical breakfast for me. half cup of plain greek yogurt*, squirt of honey, sliced berries & half a banana, tablespoon of slivered almonds. i use trader joe's greek yogurt because it has a much more pure flavor. others i've tried (even the plain) have a saccharine taste i don't prefer. 

much to do ... hugs, jAne

p.s. please excuse the wonky column alignment on my blog. construction zone. sigh. the junque that used to be on the right column is now on the bottom of the page. thank you for your patience .. back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Your photo is so realistic I could almost taste and smell the fruit! Looks like a great breakfast. Love the cleaner look of your blog.

  2. ad .. yummy breakfast. rest of banana for snack. thanks - wanting a change but not too much of a change. i love my new header. i took the picture on saturday at the vintage market. :)

  3. That sounds wonderful! I love plain greek yogurt, some of my sweetener, and strawberries. Adding a bit of banana and almonds would be so good!


  4. Deanna .. sometimes we enjoy this as a dessert. Yum.

  5. ***delicious***
    ...and love the new header :)

  6. A nutritious and beautiful meal or dessert!!! A perfect balance :-)!! tammy

  7. tammy .. makes my taste buds dance.

  8. You've got me singin' again, jAne! ;)
    That sure looks like a yummy brekkie!

    <3 Michelle ^_^

  9. missMichelle...
    rise and shine and give God the glory glory ... :) me too.

  10. Lovely banners. My banners never last long. I like white too much. I am returning to my Sea Cottage blog and tried to use the one you created for me but a grey background appears with it because of Blogger. So I just stay with the simple choice blogger provides.

  11. kerrie .. i like my newest banner (quilt). think i'll keep it for a time then most likely revert to the simple nature of the past one. i'll gladly help make you a new one if you like.


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