04 March 2015


to a most darling young family
{. and there they go .}

and so .. 
we're thinning our lil herd of trailies,
to make way for *1* trailie we both love,
that's just big enough for the hub's wingspan
and just small enough for me to feel comfy towing.
that's the one we're restoring right now.

the one we're adopting out...?

this one. 
my personal trailer - 1958 terry

you can view lots more pictures, gain lots more information, and consider adoption at this site:
click on the web addy to take you there...



Adrienne said...

She's a sweetie. Praying that the right person will come along and love her as much as you do. What are the rings around the inside of the awning? For lights?

jAne said...

adrienne .. the rings on the inside of the awning are to hang a room that has receiver hooks. they can also be used to hang lights. :)

Miss Michelle said...

What a cutie! If I were in the market for one I'd definitely be interested. :)

jAne said...

MissMichelle .. you would *love* a vintage trailer. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, she is adorable!!! I would love her. Not my season yet though...waiting, waiting, waiting. I so imagine myself parked in the Appalachian mountains with her, or the gulf coast or Montana!!! Wow, that will be cool one day!!! :-)

aconstant said...

there's a little local-run, down-home coffee shop here called lula jane's. it's a lovely place, with mismatched and comfy chairs, lots of tables, a friendly atmosphere, home-baked goodies, and "liquid life" for 50 cents a cup-- on the honor system. the name makes me think of you whenever I visit. :)

jAne said...

anonymous friend .. it's worth the wait. really and truly. :)

jAne said...

'a' .. lula jane's?! a coffee shop?! this is too darling for words.

aconstant said...

yes, it's quite the delightful little place! they even have their own little garden patch and outdoor porch for the warmer months.

jAne said...

'a' ... what a sweet spot.