10 March 2015


my hubs eats quiche.
cuz he's a real man..

a couple weeks ago i made two quiche,
having one for dinner (with salad)
and the next day for the hubs lunch. 
i froze the other and it made a quick
and easy breakfast for company.
the strawberries were delicious too,
grown on the central california coast.
red all way through. yUm.
such a treat in march..

. . .


the uncoomon pearl said...

I have always wondered about freezing quiche. I've been cooking for years and have never done that! It makes so much sense to cook two...while you're at it ;)...and have another when you need it. Do you find it changes the texture at all?

Miss Michelle said...

Mmm yummy! I love quiche. My Dad & brothers{in-law} all are real men too. They love the stuff.

I always giggle when I hear the word quiche, because it reminds me of one time I was at McD's with my sister & her kiddos. My oldest nephew, Wes, came out of the play area to report that there was some quiche up in one of the tubes... Needless to say we left. hahaha!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love quiche, and locally grown strawberries!



jAne said...

pearl .. there is no obvious change in texture.. however when you heat it there is moisture released.

jAne said...

missMichelle .. oh dear, i'd high tail it out of there real fast. then sterilize!

jAne said...

deanna .. had some sliced strawberries and a dollop of plain greek yogurt last night for a treat.

Deanna said...

Quiches are delicious!
To health,

jAne said...

deanna .. i need an excellent quiche recipe that doesn't require a crust!