18 March 2015

that pooch.

this fur-girl is such a sweetheart.
thankful for her nuzzles & tail wags.


Adrienne said...

So glad the two of you have each other. She is a sweetie. I saw a 'red' golden a few days ago and realized what a beautiful personality they have. Thought of Evie and wished I could visit her!

jAne said...

ad .. the red goldens - i call them maureen o'hara's! are so beautiful. however, i'm so thankful to have my english cream golden. she matches the house. wink.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Dear sweet Evie!

She is royalty!


jAne said...

deanna .. she *is* princess. and i am the queen. wink.

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful gentle soul!!! tammy

jAne said...

Tammy.. she's a sweet comfort. :)