02 March 2015

trailer? all righty then.

yes. a trailer.
big surprise.
it's happening.
#11 in a long line
of restors & refurbs.
nearing the end of a restoration
that began when we bought
the beauty in mid-summer
in a location that's dear to our ♥'s
& where the weather sizzles
& the earth quakes.
this particular trailer has some neat
history which i'll share at
a later time.

her cute heinie. 

will share lots more pics soon.
in the meantime, there are some chilly areas (understatement) in this country. here's some comfort food to warm your innards. 
you don't even have to do dishes ...

roasted chicken, whipped potatoes,
fresh green beans steamed to perfection.
a bit of au jus takes the place of gravy.
{.say grace and eat.}



  1. That food is so delightful! I'd have to change out the potatoes for whipped cauliflower, unless I chose to eat off plan. Which I would totally do in order to eat a meal with you!

    Love you and your Boles!


  2. I can't wait to see - and hear - more! Such a sweet, little trailer.

  3. deanna .. i'd gladly substitute whipped cauliflower for you! and ME!

  4. adrienne .. still a few rather major undertakings on this battleship of sorts. we're taking her out soon regardless.

  5. That dinner plate looks so scrumptious! Looking forward to seeing your restored trailer photos.

  6. Eleven...wow! You and Rocky have been busy little glamping remodelers. :)

    I can't wait to see inside this one....and those pRetty curtains.

  7. Wait..another trailer. Does this mean you have three right now, not including Rockys?

  8. Cheryl .. more pics coming soon. lil by lil.

  9. pearl .. soon dear heart .. soon.

  10. kerrie .. we currently have 3. i've one up for sale - slowly thinning the herd.

  11. I thought Lula Belle was your forever trailer?

  12. Kerrie .. i love this trailer. very much so.. but in making the decision to reduce to one trailer that meets both our needs/desires, sacrifices are necessary. she'll go to a wonderful home, i'm sure. :)


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