15 April 2015

decluttering your life.

"Don't carry what you don't need ..
        in your pocket,
               in your home,
                       in your heart."

{joshua becker} of Becoming Minimalist 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

in all these things described above,
i sense a growing need - truly a desire,
to take them TO heart..

there's so much in the way of things 
that bring a sense of concern:
noise, busyness, techy devices, activity,
belongings, unhealthy relationships,
expectations (of my own doing or others)...
that draw us away from what is 
important and nurturing to the soul.
for day to day sake..
for eternity's sake..

i've followed joshua becker's site for quite
some time, sifting the soil for those
nuggets that make their home in my
heart and remind me to take notice.

i begin with two focuses with the 
understanding i could (easily) 
add more in sub-categories alone:

1) personal life
        * spiritual
        * physical/health
        * relationships
        * time

2) home life
        * belongings (room by room)
        * streamlined decor (room by room)

*** as to the second focus {home life}, a sweet gal i work with at the shop has this guide on one of her pinterest boards.. rather than tackling the entire cake (entire house or room) i'll begin small and clear out the 'crumbs' which will make
opportunity for bigger bites later. bite by bite. and really if i'm to be totally honest, if i look at the big picture i may become overwhelmed and give up entirely. so little bites.

when i sold my 58 terry trailer which is small, i found it amazing how much i had stuffed into it when i thought it would be a simple undertaking! i still need to go through the things and determine what i should keep, give, or throw. 

ahh but i digress. here's the chart for the

i won't be following this exact numerical order of tasks. i'll be mixing them up to suit my preference and schedule, removing or adding some categories to suit our own home. and the list will take about 45 days rather than 30 due to a good bit of travel in the next couple months. 
with love,


Mrs.Rabe said...

I like that quote. Its simple but deep and the concepts are important. I'll have to check out his site.

For years now I have been turning toward having beautiful (to me), useful things as part of our decor. If I need that platter I grab it off the shelf and use it and when I don't it sits beautifully on the plate rack adding to the look of the kitchen. This cuts down on stuff, and causes me to keep closer to the idea of having nothing in your home that you don't find beautiful.

I recently purged my closet. More to come.


Adrienne said...

I have been spending time thinking and planning to do the same. Thank you for sharing this list. Many of these things would take longer for me to accomplish. Streamlining it to fit one's needs is a great idea!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Beautiful post, Sherry. The older I get the more I feel, at an almost visceral level, the desire to continually declutter and simplify my life in as many ways as possible. I find that age brings a greater sense of clarity to one's life, which is bolstered all the more by decluttering and focusing on the things that truly matter to you in the hear and now, so this post definitely resonates deeply with me.

♥ Jessica

Sherry said...

deanna .. one thing i'm learning is to pause. and in that pause i'm realizing important "stuff." as martha stewart says, "it's a good thing."

Sherry said...

adrienne .. we're individuals with individual lives and processes and timelines. and that's just peachy... :)

Sherry said...

jessica .. yep, that's it in a nutshell. you said it so much better than i. :) i've helped older folks go through things after the death of their spouse and routinely remind myself to not leave an abundance. much simpler with less. not that i have a fatalistic mindset - no. but even in this we should plan.

Anonymous said...

I have a list taped up on my big ole water filter, and i do not know from whince ( :-) ) it came. It is a less=more list. It goes something like less of me=more of Jesus, less expectations=more happiness, less pride=more humility, less noise=more listening, less STUFF=more TIME!!!! Isn't that the truth?? The less stuff i have (even the size of my home) give me more time to invest in Jesus and others!!! I love that!!! It is the d o i n g it that is so hard!! Sherry, is there any way to for me to make the list you posted bigger?? I clicked on it and put my glasses on and still can't read it!! Anywho, i think this is a wonderful thing to encourage us to do!! Thank you!!!

Sherry said...

anonymous .. i put up a new and improved list for our eyeballs to see lots better! hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you girlfriend!! I can read it now when i click on it!! <3tammy

Sherry said...

tammy .. you're welcome. :)