27 April 2015

jiggety jiggety home again swOon.


the hubs does an annual 4-wheeling adventure in southern utah.. i've gone with him before but this year chose/needed to go another route. this is the hubs doing his 'thing.' he left for the trip on an early saturday then drove to SoCal the next thursday .. 

i ventured south, flying in a big bird, to spend time with my mother, one of my sisters (shirley) & her family, and some friends. i was able to spend good time with mom and shirley, completing some necessary tasks for mom and simply loving on one another. the hubs arrived thursday - and after a couple days visiting my mother and others, we drove home together after breakfast on saturday. in the Jeep. no rocks. just blessed highway. hehe...

the lovely lady in this picture is my mother, at the beach in ventura. one of my other sisters took her there recently, along with said sister's trusted companion 'rocky.' always a beach girl, my mother is a beautiful lady and i so admire her for a million different reasons. she's in process of moving a mile from the sister who took this picture. wonderful things in store. and the beach is only a 40 minute drive. i daresay the path to and fro will be well worn in short order. please keep her in prayer as the transition to a new home is wrought with some jigs and jags. thanks so much.

 while in SoCal, we celebrated our birthdays. the hubs and i are 6 days apart in age.. he's older and i relish being younger for those 6 days between. wink. shirley brought two cakes to enjoy: german chocolate for my guy, and white cake with white buttercream for me. swOon! we met at one of my favorite local mexican restaurants. good food, good company. 

there was SO much cake left over that we were able to share it with a small crowd of friends known since high school and even as far back as junior high! the next night... at another mexican restaurant. sitting at the table i just had to capture this beautiful view. mexican restaurant food is a method we employ when visiting our 'hometown.' gotta have it. with plenty of salsa. in fact, we dined at 4 mexican restaurants during this short visit. excellent. wink.

we made sure to visit our dear friends, wade & edith. i met edith 30 years ago through work.. she met and married her US Airman while living in austria then relocated to America. she's a driven gal .. in life and work .. and her husband is truly one of *the* most wonderful men i've ever known. he's battling bile duct cancer. please pray for a miracle. the docs can do nothing... 

in our absence, our friend jan .. checked on our home, gathered our mail, and brought out and back our trash bin. we arrived home and found quiche, grapes, and a delish date & goat cheese appetizer in the fridge. what a sweet thing for her to do! what a wonderful welcome home. love that gal. big time. 

and i must say, while it's grand to be away, 
it's even *more* grand to come home. 

with love,


Adrienne said...

Welcome home, dear friend. I'm so glad your guy could pursue his love of driving straight up rocks while you and your mama and sister had time together. Wonderful report of things done and repast shared. I'm praying for your friend. What a sweet surprise when you returned home again. Such good friends are a blessing!

Sherry said...

thanks for praying, ad. :) and yes, good friends ARE a blessing - - like YOU!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a wonderful visit you had! When I'm in So. Cal I only want to eat Mexican food too!

Lovely Mama. Praying for her transition and settling in.

What a good friend, Jan is! Thoughtful!


the uncommon pearl said...

Happy Birthday blessings! Sounds like a good time had by all :)

Miss Michelle said...

Woah. That looks terrifying. (The impossible looking Jeep photo.)
When I was a kid we had a CJ7 and I thought we were living on the wild side when Dad would remove the top & doors. ;)
Mother & sister time is so precious.
Sounds like you've had a marvelous trip! Home is always the best, isn't it?
I'll be praying for these requests too.

Michelle ^_^
Delightful Handwork

Anonymous said...

Transition is tough. But, your Mom sounds like such a creative, make it work kinda gal. I think that will help her. I pray God would make it better than she'd even hoped <3!! So thankful you got to go be with family and friends and enjoy wonderful times and food :-)!!! And thankful you husband was safe, wild rides that!!! And ,how very precious of your friend. What an encouraging and fabulous way to bless you both on your return!!!!! tammy

Sherry said...

we have good mexican food in northern california but there's something special about partaking from restaurants 'back home.' one place we frequented in high school - really special.
thanks so much for praying for my mom's transition - and yes! jan is amazingly thoughtful. her spiritual gift is serving. for sure.

Sherry said...

very nice time away, pearl. thank you for the HB blessing. :)

Sherry said...

it's interesting to arrive home, put things away from one's suitcase, and see your home in new light. our home is small but it's really comfy and a refuge/haven from the world.

Sherry said...

yes to all of that, tammy - including the whole wild ride thing. it it's MY thing but i have gone with him a couple times though he didn't take me on THAT type climb. whew! he knows better.. wink.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time with your mom and family!! Happy Birthday!


Sherry said...

thank you, kathy. :)