13 April 2015



this morning, 
unlike {most} other mornings,
i have deemed
too early
much less get out of bed.
my husband's dog
{on agreeable mornings considered my precious pooch}
woke me ..
    at 4:47..
breathing hard,
tail wagging hard,
nails dancing on the wood floor.
everything in stereo.
her. not me.
i'm the wheezing one..
the one wanting
to lounge and lollygag
in a semi sleeping state.
not to be!
up up up i went ..
her out.
coffee made.
2/3rds cup in my system and i'm semi awake.
now where's my ootsie bootsie precious puddin' pooch?
need to administer lovies.

i love how liquid life makes a being .. human!

at the shop yesterday ...
i usually get there an hour before opening in order to complete
all the necessary tasks in a relaxed manner and have a good look around at the store to notice new items to share with customers, and to ensure the ASCP paint is stocked. this day i arrived with 20 minutes to spare before clicking the 'open' sign. little things add up. and the little things - jinks in the system - happened. the biggie? the computer screen was something i hadn't seen before. trying every which way to find the right screen (i'm not entirely techy..understatement of the year), i ended up calling the store manager whose shift i was working so she could spend much needed time with her family. felt terrible calling her but golly .. and she was so gracious (as always) about it. after trying a few things while on the line with her she advised me to simply use the by-hand-paper-receipt system from the dark ages. gulp! no! not that! so one final attempt was made and i just started clicking random buttons on the computer and all of a sudden - eureka! - the right screen came up and all was well in the world. don't ask me to recall which button i pushed .. it's a mystery even to the heavens.

saturday found myself and sweet catherine working together. gathering items to put outside on the bench in hopes of drawing people in with their beauty, i picked up a metal scrolly thing and in my peripheral vision saw something with eight legs - crawling. i threw the thing down, we both screamed, and could you believe that spider wouldn't die?! catherine had to step on it 3 times before it gave up the ghost. me? i continued whimpering with my hands on either side of my face. i refuse to ever touch that metal thingy ever again. if a customer wants it they'll have to deal with it themselves cuz it was seriously touched by eight-legged-vileness.

my chatty co-worker Rae arrived and donning our red aprons we set to work. the day flowed smoothly until a customer wanted to buy a mirror. . a mirror that was up high on a wall and very heavy. both rae and i lack (severely) in the height department, even with a ladder. and all of a sudden my HUSBAND walks in the door to spend time with me there at my happy place of employ! he's 6'6"! excellent! my guy saved the day, barely reaching up and removing the mirror and even taking it out to the customer's car. he's swell. wonderful in fact. rae and i like him very much. ha!

and then you know what happened? after closing he took me to dinner. mexican food (one of our very favorites) with loads of spicy salsa. then home again home again where that precious pooch awaited with tail wags and hand kisses. 

Menus for the week:

this fine monday:
grilled korean beef bbq (prepared: trader joe's)
cauliflower 'rice' and lots of broccoli

tuesday: leftovers

on the menu for wednesday:
grilled salmon and a mess of 
roasted asparagus and multi-colored carrots

thursday: pasta toss with leftovers from wednesday

my hubs birthday is friday.. planning a special dinner for him
complete with his choice of yumminess:
bbq pork ribs, ranch salad, baked beans .. & german chocolate cake

what's happening in your edge of the village?

with love,


Susan said...

I live in Munich and it's Asparagus Season (capital letters because it is a big deal!) I'm an American, and prefer green spears but they adore the white stuff.

Have you tried the white?

Your menus sound tasty. We're having Jamie Oliver's Cauliflower Cheese - it's easy and delicious.

I enjoy your blog very much, but have trouble commenting except on my kindle. Here I sit, tapping away :-)


Adrienne said...

On my side of the village there are paint cans! Paint for the closet wall of my vintage trailer. And there are thoughts about a lot of things that need to be sorted through. Priorities to be made for the day and the week ahead. So many choices!

sherry said...

Susan .. i appreciate your visits! white asparagus - yes i've tried a couple times but much prefer the green. are you making jamie oliver's cauliflower cheese *soup*? he has a few recipes using cheese and cauliflower. would love to know which so i can try it too. :)

sherry said...

Adrienne .. that's *exciting*! i love how Daffodil is coming along. Dave is certainly blessing you with his construction expertise. :)

Cheryl said...

I need to wander into that sweet little shop some day. I'll be sure it's a day you'll be there so that I can see your beautiful face. I'm still hoping to find the time to give painting furniture with the ASCP a try. Maybe later this spring, after the boy ships off to bootcamp.

Susan said...

Hi, I'm glad you are a green asparagus fan, I feel confident we could be friends in real life ;-)

Cauliflower Cheese as in Mac and Cheese with 1/2 macaroni and 1/2 cauliflower. Easy peasy recipe from his Ministry of Food cookbook. Yum.

Thanks for blogging

sherry said...

cheryl .. call and sign up for an ASCP seminar! tutor tuesdays from 12-2. dave will take you through the entire process and you'll leave the shop with *complete* confidence! i promise. thinking of your son going into the military - and praying. hugs ..

sherry said...

susan .. green asparagus friends, indeed. wink. i need to try that recipe (half mac half cauli). thank you for the tip, susan. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

It's been a low key day here at the Cottage. Recovering from a minor bug, but on the mend.

We had Alfredo chicken with pasta for the others and Spaghetti squash for me, and a delicious salad on Saturday. Then a yummy Chicken, Bacon, Ranch pizza from a local place yesterday. I was home with my boy while the others were at church and they brought the pizza home. It was a nice off plan treat.

I miss having our shop some days, like when you describe your day at that delightful place you work.

Love you

sherry said...

deanna .. i love pizza. with a passion. once in a great while i make it using a loaf of french bread cut on the horizontal. add all the good stuff and either grill (low heat) or bake. swOon. hoping you're feeling well quickly and that no one else in your family gets what you got! hugs.

Debbie said...

I'm getting ready for house guests, painting, cleaning and shopping. I know about the sometime too early morning runs. I try and take Beau out late before bed so he'll 'last'. :D I think sometimes he sees a cat out the window and wants to go outside to see it, but the other night it was a coon!
Our meals around here have been 'slim pickins'. Too much to do and no time for the kitchen.
So ready to enjoy this Spring, and don't want to miss a thing about it.

sherry said...

debbie .. you've had quite the winter season! i can only imagine how spring will be a welcome season. :) slim pickins are good. we do that too. if evelyn would GO outside past 8pm we'd be pleased as punch but there's no budging. sigh.

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to the techie thing and the height thing and specially the spider thing!!! Mercy, i am a fraidy cat when it comes to those and we got some nasty ones in the south!!! bleck!!! You work days sound enchantingly fun!! People and lovely old things, 2 of my favorite things and to top it off with delish food!! Sweet times <3. Thank you for prayers sweet lady.

Sherry said...

anonymous .. strength in numbers!!! fraidy cats unite!