06 April 2015

morning vantage point{s}.

sometime in the 4 o'clock hour i heard the tell tale tapping of evelyn's nails on the wood floors. then she began pacing. through the bedroom, onto the tiled hallway then rug then tile then living room wood floor, and back the way she came, finishing her lap by my bedside. staring at me she let out an almost indistinguishable whimper .. a volume only a fur-baby-mama would hear. then another lap complete with the usual nail tapping. by then i was fully awake. no way could i return to a slumber state even if i put her outside and crawled back into my cozy warm bed where that man was sleeping deep. besides, early morning awards include strong coffee. that alone is reason to go to bed in the evening and get out of bed in the morning - the anticipation of liquid life! 

by the time my feet touched the floor the fur-girl amped up her excitement and speed - this time wagging her tail against surfaces making a racket. sigh. quickly donning my specs, grabbing my robe from the end of the bed, and stopping long enough to slip my feet into my slippers, i dashed out (yes, dashed!) and closed the bedroom door so the hubs wouldn't be woken. evelyn was ahead of me, breathing hard by now... out! out! she goes .. then water in the kettle and coffee in the filter. and there i stand - morning face and a disheveled bun atop my head - willing the water to boil. it never does, if you watch it. really. double dog sigh. 

.. liquid life .. eternal life .. with cup in hand and bible open
               {acts 13 .. second timothy .. ps 131}

while the hubs drank his morning smoothie
the light perfectly crowned this little setting.

the light from whence it came ..
{such a nice sounding word: whence}

after getting the hubs off to 'his place of employ'
i decided that this monday morning required eggs.
so i made a slow scramble of those along with heavy cream,
scallion, and gruyere cheese, topping it off with
a few slices of ripe tomato, and seasoning dust.

* laundry
* menu planning
* groceries
...among other necessaries.
you? what's on your calendar?
have time for an afternoon pick-me-up of coffee? tea?



  1. All the best to you this fine Spring day.

    Pat your fury pet for me. One day I will have a puppy again and will join the ranks of being a fury momma owner! But for now, I will just enjoy others stories.


  2. deanna .. and the times evelyn gets a bit too underfoot i'll gladly enjoy your stories of no fur babies. ;)

  3. You are up around the time I am, but since we are on different coasts you are up much earlier than I am. I was up early today to see my girl and her friends off on their way back to school.

    We have a weird cat and a sweet old doggie girl named Sadie. And two horses, and 9 hens.

    Your eggs sounds delightful, and healthy.

    Love you

  4. Thanks for sharing your day and your menu...it all sounds delicious. Your pup just knows that you really want to get up at 4:00 so is just helping you along a little, lol! What a cutie. :)

    Today included laundry and paperwork. Oh and I started the day by spending an hour on the phone with our internet provider since our connection decided not to work. :)

  5. A beautiful smile of a beautiful lady. <3

    I'll be over Saturday for dinner ;)

  6. mrsRabe .. i enjoyed the peek into your weekend with lots of hearts and wonderfulness.

  7. sandra .. an hour with your internet provider? hopefully that hour wasn't mostly taken up by being 'on hold.' :)

  8. pearl .. we'd love to have you over for dinner on saturday! i'll set out a couple extra plates, with a third at the ready in case 'a' hitches a ride too. :)

  9. Love your new picture!!! And the flowers on the table, and the yummy sounding eggs, and the doggie, and the coffee, and seein your menu!! YUM-0!! Did you change camaras?? And why do we not often use words like whence everyday?? ~tammy

  10. tammy .. same camera but the controls are tweaked a bit and i need to reset them. whence! i love that.

  11. I absolutely LOVE this! You words flow and I feel that I'm right there. Not drinking coffee, as you know. Just there.


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