11 April 2015

new day dawning.

"To hear the whisper of God you must turn down the volume of the world. Find time to disconnect from everything around you and be still in His presence today. He is waiting for you to draw near." ~daughter by design on wordpress

the months and more pointedly the weeks leading up to the writer's conference, with fresh realization in my heart of hearts i knew the Lord was going to do a new work in my heart, a healing, a fresh beginning, and an opportunity to realize anew my precious place in His embrace ... and at the conference He took me deep ... to a realization about many things - about relationships, about the situation with our daughter that has created great emotional, physical, and health related strife, about my personal relationship with Him, personal drought, and how all this need be placed at the foot of His throne. and in the weeks since the conference He has offered ample opportunity to see delight where i once saw destruction, for in Isaiah 66.9 He said "I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." with sweet abandon i'm allowed to live a full life! allowed! i have {His} permission! through it all - the divine & blessed ugly - allowing Him complete access, allowing Him to be that rushing river of life for *our* life, life *can* be a wellspring! 

"We who live in quiet places have the opportunity to become acquainted with ourselves, to think our own thoughts and live our own lives in a way that is not possible for those keeping up with the crowd."  ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

breathing life into my lungs, God put me in a position to reassess my personal life and make decisions that will further bring healing and freedom.. for His burden is light...releasing that which brought me (further) down or wasn't/isn't healthy. 

"Collect good people, truly good people... And protect and love them the best that you can." ~unknown

and all this? it's in God's time. our deeply personal situations, heartaches, and life experiences, aren't like anyone elses .. we are individual in every thing. the healing cycle in relationship with the Lord is not a cookie cutter process. we are fearfully and wonderfully made. individual.

Ecclesiastes shares that there's a time for every purpose under heaven .. 

well, a new day is dawning. 

with love,


Adrienne said...

God speaks to the quiet places of my heart through your words - and the reminder of a song I heard in the early hours of the morning:
'Through it all - through it all I've learned to trust in Jesus - learned to trust in God - through it all - through it all I've learned to depend upon His Word.' He is teaching you - and me - dear friend, to trust and depend more on Him. That brings such freedom in every area of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Like a balm to my soul, these words sound healing for you, they were for me too! Thank you.

sherry said...

'anonymous' .. gentle hugs dear friend.

sherry said...

adrienne .. through it all,indeed!

the uncommon pearl said...

His faithfulness is never ceasing! To hear this "new dawning" delights my heart to no end!

Praying for you still...

Mrs.Rabe said...

Darling Friend,

I am struck by the thought that you have permission to have a full life! So, so good. We all need the realization don't we? Thank you for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

Sherry, i so need to hear this. I so often need reminding!?!?!! May His peace be with you in the New Day. What a precious Father.~tammy

sherry said...

pearl .. for HIS mercies are new every morning. we can, with full assurance, live in the way of joy in His name.

sherry said...

deanna.. for too long i felt held back due to grave circumstances. well, my identity is in Jesus and He ROSE from that grave!

sherry said...

tammy .. praying for you this morning as the Lord leads. we all have places of drought and want and need in our lives. you're precious.

Anonymous said...

Your words melt my heart Sherry... sooo raw yet so beautifully poured out from your soul Then your comments go full circle to God's hand and the glory He brings to our lives. I am in awe at your ability to expression both your pain and faith. I pray for God's comfort for those who grieve every night. Love, Felicia Lisa

Sherry said...

{{{.. hugs ..}}}

Jonell Harrison said...

not sure how I got here but I am...the 'and wear Pearls" got me first. I do know why I clicked on "grief" in the sidebar. Grief is still what I am about...after 23 months being alone. After more than 54 years since our wedding day june 21, 1959. A Big Scrapbook.
Naturally I cannot begin to sort out your story yet..only know it is a complicated story .
Even though your emptiness is called 'daughter' while mine is called "sweetheart/love of my life'..I already recognize there are things I can use here. mostly b/c of your raw transparency...not transparency in the way of 'reality show' transparency..but the honesty, depth and struggle you share.
I shall return-

Sherry said...

oh Jonell .. i'm so glad you "happened" upon my little cottage in blogdom. i don't believe in coincidences and as such know that God brings kindred hearts together - that while the stories aren't exact, the heartache, struggle, and steps to healing are. we'll never be healed completely - - but He will use it to bring about a sweet scarring to draw other in and bless them. i believe that. i can only imagine the ache you feel after so many years of marriage.. i've only been married 27 years, half the time as you and your dear husband. {{{gentle embrace}}} bless you dearly..